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We believe that the smallest thought or idea has the potential to make the biggest impact if it is given the right conditions to grow and develop. The Launchpad is the platform for free-thinkers to connect, collaborate and co-create and turn those thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions.

If you have a challenge in your business, a stumbling block or a problem that requires a fresh approach, we can work with you to provide a multi-disciplinary team of talented students and academics that can come up with creative solutions that will change your thinking.

Benefits for business and industry partners

As a partner, the Launchpad offers the opportunity for you to:

  • Engage with our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and change agents
  • Collaborate with teams of high achieving students and academics to develop creative solutions for your business projects or challenges
  • Access new thinking and seek fresh approaches to your briefs or challenges, be they big or small

The Launchpad team can engage in a way that suits you, working flexibly and where required, in confidence.

The space is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including the latest screen technology, a variety of workspaces including booths and lounge-style seating with ample power points and USB ports, a Fabrication Lab equipped with cutting-edge technology including 3D printers, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.


Collaborate with us and help grow the next generation of thinkers

Launchpad provides a dedicated space where Murdoch students and academics can engage with your business through real-world learning.

Through collaborating with your business, students will be able to foster the skills required for success in their future careers.

Launchpad is open for business

Connect with support services & industry expertise


With support services and industry expertise to develop skills and discover opportunities through real-world learning.

Collaborate with creative minds


With creative minds in an environment enabling you to share ideas, develop networks, and progress your thinking.

Create with access to the latest technology and support


With access to the latest technology and support from industry in a place where you are encouraged to think freely.

Expressions of interest

You will find Launchpad at the heart of Murdoch University in the Geoffrey Bolton Library.

To find out how to create, collaborate and connect in this new space, email the Launchpad team at

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