Early Offers for 2025

If you’re graduating from Year 12 in 2024 and are planning to study at university in early 2025, secure your place at Murdoch Uni by applying for an early offer. Applications close at 5:00pm on Friday 29 November 2024. After this date, you can apply through TISC for a main round offer or second round offer.

To be eligible for an early offer, simply apply via TISC, using either:

  • Your final Year 11, or mid-year Year 12 ATAR or IB subject results; or
  • Recognised non-ATAR pathway. Simply identify that you are on a recognised pathway to meet entry to Murdoch, for example through studying a Certificate IV or an enabling program like Murdoch’s FlexiTrack High or TLC course, Big Picture Academy or Experience Based Entry.
Apply through TISC

Once you’ve received your early offer, there may be some conditions you need to meet, such as completing Year 12 or your non-ATAR pathway, and meeting Murdoch’s English requirements.

If you don’t meet the conditions of your offer, or if you’re not eligible to apply for an early offer, check out our other admission pathways.

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Frequently asked questions

Before you apply for an Early Offer into 2025, here’s what you need to know.

The early offer program allows you to apply for and secure a place on your desired course early. Offers will be made from mid-July, relieving some of the stresses felt in the final year of schooling. Murdoch University will look at your end of Year 11 results, and your current pathway, and if it looks like you’re on track to meet entry, will make a ‘conditional’ offer to secure a place for you.  The conditions of an early offer may vary for example, from formal completion of Year 12, to evidencing successful completion of a CertIV. Either way, your early offer can provide some peace of mind and will give you the freedom to focus solely on seeing out your final year and getting prepared for university.

Year 12 students studying in Australia and graduating in 2024 are eligible to apply for an early conditional offer. This includes Year 12 students studying both ATAR or non-ATAR subjects. Applications must be made for an undergraduate course for Semester 1, 2025.

For school leavers, all applications to Murdoch University for Semester 1 of 2025 should be made through TISC. If you are applying to commence in Semester 2, 2025, please apply direct to Murdoch using our online application system. Make sure the Murdoch course you're interested in is shown as your first preference in your TISC application to be considered for an early conditional offer.

Yes, if you are completing Year 12 in Western Australia (or the equivalent from another state in Australia) then you can apply for the Year 12 Early Offer Program. You will not apply via TISC, but instead will apply Direct to Murdoch University as an international student. You will need to meet the English requirements, which are listed at the ‘Entry Requirements’ tab on each of the course pages, accessed via https://www.murdoch.edu.au/study/courses/

Link to apply is at https://myadmission.murdoch.edu.au/connect/webconnect

TISC will open for applications on 1 May 2024. Applicants may submit their course and university preferences, ranking their most preferred course  1st , through to a 6th preference. Murdoch University will make early conditional offers from October 2024. You can only receive one offer. First preferences only will be assessed for early conditional offers.

Applicants using ATAR or IB as their basis of admission will need to upload their end of Year 11 results.  If you’re applying after June, and would prefer your mid-year Year 12 results to be assessed, then please upload these instead.

Applicants using a Certificate IV,  IBPLC, or other non-ATAR pathway will need to provide evidence of the program they are on to receive a conditional offer. This may be an enrolment verification or a statement from your provider to this effect.

Applicants on an enabling program should upload a Statement of Enrolment (which can be obtained from the university running the preparation course) identifying that they are enrolled in a current Year 12 enabling pathway program. Students studying a Murdoch enabling program (e.g. FlexiTrack High or TLC Learning for Tomorrow), should also supply their Murdoch student ID number as part of their application.

Applicants utilising a Media Portfolio as their basis of admission will need to submit their most school recent results as well as the Portfolio application form and School Endorsement available. For further information, see Media Portfolio.

Applicants utilising Experience Based Entry as their basis of admission will need to complete their Experience Based Entry cover form, provide references verifying your employment and life experiences, and supporting documents that verify VET qualifications and/or university micro credentials or units. For further information, see Experience Based Entry.

Applications via TISC will open 1 May 2024, and will close at 5pm on Friday 29 November 2024 for early conditional offers.

If you don’t apply for an early conditional offer, TISC will be open until Tuesday 17 December for all applications for the main round of unconditional offers, which will be made on 22 Dec 2024. 

TISC will re-open on Saturday 21 Dec 2024 until Tuesday 14 January 2025 for applicants to apply for a course, or to rearrange preferences for the second round of offers.

Yes. You can apply via TISC to be considered for an early offer into our Bachelor of Nursing course, at either the South Street or Mandurah campus.

As Nursing has a quota on places, and is a competitive course, early conditional offers will be made to students with the highest level of academic achievement, subject to quota allocations. Any applicant who does not receive an early offer will still be considered in the offer rounds in December.

When applying to study at Murdoch University via TISC, you’ll be able to select up to six course preferences. 

Your highest preference should be the course you’d most like to study. We recommend making your second preference a course that you can use as a pathway to your first preference. For example, you may put the Bachelor of Laws as your first preference, and the Bachelor of Criminology as your second preference, so if you don’t meet the entry requirements for Law, you can study Criminology and apply to transfer to Law after your first semester.

If you are concerned that you won’t meet a selection rank of 70, then we recommend listing OnTrack Sprint, followed by OnTrack Flex below your desired course.  OnTrack Sprint is a four week intensive course that commences in mid-January 2025, which if completed successfully, equates to a selection rank of 70 and may see you offered your desired course for a Semester 1 start (excluding Nursing). Alternatively, OnTrack Flex can be undertaken in Semester 1, enabling you to start your desired course in Semester 2.

No. First preferences only will be assessed for the Early Offer program.

If you decide to change your preferences, you will be able to do so via the TISC portal. Please be aware if you have a current conditional offer it will be withdrawn and your new preferences will be assessed. You can only have one offer, for one course, from one university at a time.

You cannot receive an early offer into Veterinary Science.  You still need to apply for Veterinary Science via TISC. We recommend you list a pathway to Veterinary Science as your second preference, eg: Animal Science.

If you’re applying for a course under the Year 12 Early Offer Program, we’ll use your end of year Yr11, or mid-year Yr12 ATAR or IB subject results to create a predicted selection rank. If you are on a program that will generate a selection rank of 70 (eg: a CertIV or university enabling program) then your offer will be conditional on successful completion of that program.

No, but you will need to complete Year 12. Completion of Year 12 can be evidenced either by achievement of your WACE, which will be confirmed on release of Year 12 results, OR earlier via your School Statement of Results, issued toward the end of October, or via the Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement, WASSA, (issued by SCSA).

Completion of your WACE is strongly encouraged. The WACE is an important achievement to demonstrate the breadth and depth of learning, and formally recognises your graduation from secondary school. It is important for a range of purposes, including post school employment. Completing your Year 12 studies and trying your best will be an important foundation and preparation for university level study.

No. The early offer program closes for application at 5.00pm on Friday 29 November 2024, prior to release of final Year 12 results.

If your study and thereby results have been impacted and disrupted by events beyond your control, then you can apply for special consideration via TISC, and submit supporting documentation.

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