Top 5 tips for choosing your TISC preferences

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Choosing the right TISC preferences is one of the most important parts of finishing Year 12, but it doesn't have to be a headache. Read our handy tips to figure out how to make the most of your six preferences and get into the course you want.

1. Find your passion

We all learn best when we're studying something we enjoy. So when it comes to choosing your university course, you should be basing your decision on what you enjoy learning about and where your passions and strengths lie.

While it can be helpful to discuss your university course options with family, friends and teachers, your six TISC preferences should ultimately be your decision.

If you're feeling a bit lost about what you want to pursue at university, Murdoch's course finder tool is the perfect place to start. You can explore our wide range of undergraduate degrees, filtering by your expected selection rank and preferred study area or school.

2. Consider the university, not just the course

Once you've decided on your ideal degree or subject area, look at where you'd most like to study. By choosing Murdoch you'll benefit from joining a community where free-thinking and support go hand-in-hand. From flexible learning and hands-on experience, to study groups and social clubs, Murdoch gives you the help you need to forge your own path.

You'll also be able to take advantage of $2.5 million worth of annual scholarships, including the Murdoch First Scholarship. If a Murdoch course (excluding Veterinary Science) is your first preference and you receive an unadjusted ATAR of 80+, you will automatically be considered for Murdoch First. All eligible applicants will be awarded between $2,000 and $3,000.

3. Understand how TISC preferences work

As part of your TISC application, you're able to list up to six course preferences across universities in WA, which will be assessed based on your ATAR/Selection Rank.You will only receive an offer for one course, which means your first preference should be the course you'd most like to get into. In other words, your first preference should be your dream course.

It's important to remember that just because a course is lower down in your preferences doesn't mean you're less likely to get into it – you'll be made an offer for the preference highest on your list for which you're eligible. This means it's extremely important you only list courses you'd accept an offer for.

TISC applications open on 5 August and must be submitted by 30 September to avoid a late fee.

Remember: Entry into Australian universities requires English Language Competency, while some specific courses have prerequisite subjects that you need to have completed to qualify for entry. To ensure you can gain entry into your chosen course, it's important you ensure you meet the entry requirements.

4. Look beyond your first preference

All of your six preferences are precious, as they each represent an opportunity for you to gain admission into university.

After putting your dream course as your first preference, look to fill up your other preferences with similar courses to those that could give you the opportunity to study similar units in your first year, transfer into your dream course at a later date, or pursue a postgraduate degree in your dream field once you graduate.

If you don't get the score you're hoping for, don't worry. There are a multitude of ways to gain admission into university. OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint and FlexiTrack are Murdoch's free enabling courses which allow you to apply directly to Murdoch for admission into any course that has a minimum Selection Rank of 70.

5. Don't be afraid to change your preferences

If you change your mind along the way, that's OK. You can change preferences easily and for free on TISC's website, as long as you have submitted your original preferences before the first deadline on 30 September (you can still submit your application after this date, but will be required to pay a late fee).

It's common to change your mind about your preferences, so remember you have until the day after your WACE results are released to change your preferences for first round offers (Monday, 23 December at 11pm).

Ready to apply? We've created a quick step-by-step guide on how to successfully submit your TISC application.

For more help on deciding your preferences, give our Student Centre a call on 1300 687 3624. 

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29 Aug 2018

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