What’s a conditional vs. unconditional university offer?

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Wondering what the difference is between a conditional or unconditional uni offer? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re graduating from Year 12 in 2020 and are hoping to attend university in 2021, you can apply through our Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net pathway using your Year 11 subject results. Based on your Year 11 subject results, we’ll predict your ATAR results and make offers based on this score.

Once we’ve processed your application, the offer will come in one of two forms: an unconditional or conditional offer. So, what’s the difference?

Unconditional offer

An unconditional offer is a confirmed place of study offered to you regardless of how you perform in your final Year 12 ATAR exams at the end of the year. If you receive an unconditional offer it means your offer of study is ready for you to accept, if you choose to, with no further information required.

Conditional offer

A conditional offer means your place of study will only be confirmed once you have satisfied conditions you are still yet to meet. Usually, these offers are made because your Year 11 results do not yet meet the criteria for an unconditional offer, or you are yet to complete a CertIV, meet English language competency, or complete another recognised pathway to Murdoch, such as TLC110, FlexiHigh or Portfolio entry.

You can satisfy the conditions of your offer by successfully completing your current pathway to university and meeting English language competency. If you are an ATAR, TLC110 or FlexiHigh student, then our Admissions team will be able to access your results online. Students applying with CertIVs or via Portfolio will need to upload documents evidencing successful completion to their application later this year. If you’re not currently on a pathway that will meet entry requirements, then you can apply now for the OnTrack enabling course or consider applying for the new Horizons Plus program, which will run for 4 weeks from early January 2021.

Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net

You can apply to the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net online, or check out the guide below for a step by step run-down on how to apply:

Get ready for uni life

All students who receive offers into undergraduate degree programs through the Year 12 Uni Entry Safety Net, or via TISC, for Semester 1  2021, and who enrol full time,  are eligible for a Murdoch Ready starter pack with a value of up to $1,000.

Find out more about how you can get Murdoch Ready.

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9 Jul 2020

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