Types of pathways

There are a number of options to help you gain entry into Murdoch University.

We offer both on-campus and online enabling courses designed to get you ready for university study, whether you didn’t quite get the ATAR you need, or have been out of study for a while.

There are also enabling options to help you get into a specific course, such as Law or Veterinary Studies.

Murdoch enabling courses

Our enabling courses are designed to help build your literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills. Once you successfully complete a Murdoch enabling course, you qualify for direct entry into a wide range of courses.



OnTrack is a fee-free 14-week on-campus enabling course that qualifies you to apply direct to Murdoch for any undergraduate degree with a Selection Rank requirement of 70. OnTrack runs twice yearly commencing in Semester 1 (February) and Semester 2 (July). 

Find out about OnTrack including how to apply



FlexiTrack is a fee-free online enabling course that qualifies you to apply direct to Murdoch for admission that gives you flexibility of 10-50 weeks study, depending on your commitments. You can choose to study intensively over 10 weeks, full-time over 20 weeks, or part-time over 12 months.

Find out about FlexiTrack including how to apply

OnTrack Sprint

OnTrack Sprint

OnTrack Sprint is a fee-free 4-week, on-campus enabling course and admission pathway for students who have completed their WACE in the last 18 months, generated an ATAR between 60.00-69.95 (or an ATAR of 55.00-59.95 if you are from a school eligible for ATAR RISE) and have demonstrated English competency. OnTrack Sprint runs once yearly commencing in Summer (January).

Find out about OnTrack Sprint including how to apply



Offered by the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, K-Track is a 14-week enabling course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who haven’t received an ATAR or completed Year 12. The K-Track course can help you develop the skills you need to succeed at university.

Find out more about K-Track

Learning for tomorrow

TLC110 Learning for Tomorrow

This free course is aimed at incoming Year 12 students unlikely to generate a Selection Rank but who aspire to study at Murdoch. You’ll attend class once a week at our Mandurah or Rockingham campus from February to September while completing WACE.

The TLC110 application can be requested from participating schools, and completed electronically.

Once you have completed the program, you will be eligible to apply direct to Murdoch University if you fulfil all criteria.

Find out about TLC110 including how to apply

Murdoch University Preparation Course

Murdoch University Preparation Course

Run by Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT), Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC) is an enabling course that qualifies you to apply direct to Murdoch for admission into any course, except for Veterinary Science. With a variety of MUPC courses on offer, you can tailor your study to focus on getting into the course you want. You could be studying the degree of your choice in just six months.

Find out more about the MUPC

How to Apply

How you apply to an enabling course will depend on the time of year and your personal circumstances.

Click through to the individual course pages above to find out more.

I didn't go to school and didn't have an ATAR score so I looked at other pathways to get into uni and came across OnTrack. OnTrack is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Cassandra Power - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama + Screen Production

Pathways to specific courses


This course is designed to assess your current skills and evaluate your suitability for studying Law at Murdoch University. Candidates must have been away from study for a minimum of 12 months; current Murdoch students are not eligible.

Find out more about our Pre-Law course

Media Portfolio

Have you got a range of skills and knowledge you feel will enable you to be successful in your chosen degree?

You can apply for admission to a number of majors for our Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communications, or Bachelor of Creative Media courses using a creative portfolio application.

Majors that accept creative portfolio for entry are English and Creative Writing, Games Art and Design, Graphic Design, Journalism, Photography, Screen Production, Sound, Strategic Communication, and Theatre and Drama.

Your portfolio application helps Murdoch to better understand you as a future university student by bringing together any academic results, references and evidence of your work and ability relevant to the major you are keen to study.

You must complete your WACE and also meet English language requirements.

Find out more about Media Portfolio Entry.


Waardong is an enabling program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Veterinary Studies. The entry to Waardong is based on your results during the one-week residential Testing and Selection process.

To apply for entry, contact the Special Education Officer in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences. The deadline for submission of applications is 30 September each year, while Testing and Selection week is in early December.

Learn more about Waardong

Murdoch Institute of Technology Foundation Studies Course

MIT Foundation Studies course is an enabling course that qualifies you to apply direct for admission into Murdoch courses with a Selection Rank of 70 upon completion of this course with a minimum final mark of 50%. To apply for Engineering you must have a minimum average of 70% with a minimum mark of 75% in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. For Law your minimum average mark must be 78%.

Learn more about MIT Foundation Studies course

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