Every course at Murdoch University has an award title and abbreviation, which can be used to denote the qualification achieved after study. On this page you will find a listing of all Murdoch University awards, current and historical, and recommended award abbreviations.

Award abbreviations refer to the award only and do not include components of a course such as majors, co-majors or minors. If you have completed a combined course, list the award abbreviations for each award. Do not use punctuation or other characters to separate them.

By convention, when writing post-nominals you should list your highest degree first. The accepted institutional abbreviation for Murdoch University is Murd (italicised), e.g. BNurs Murd

Diploma in Accounting

Oct 15, 2021, 12:38 PM
Title : Diploma in Accounting
Award abbreviation : DipAcc
Start date : Jan 1, 1987, 00:00 AM
End date : Aug 3, 1994, 00:00 AM