Len Cullen Veterinary Anaesthesia 2024 Award

The Award primarily supports travel costs to attend a conference or meeting where papers and/or seminars relevant to veterinary anaesthesia and / or analgesia are presented, which ultimately, will be helpful for examination preparation.

Funds will cover travel costs and registration costs for travel during the following academic year.

Accommodation costs are not supported.

Dr Len Cullen
No. of Scholarships:
Level of study:
  • Research
Study Area:
  • Veterinary Science


  • Must be a resident or registrar employed by Murdoch University learning in the subject disciplines of veterinary Anaesthesia and / or analgesia.
  • Must travel in the following academic year
  • Must not have been in receipt of this award previously

How to Apply

  • One page summary, including name and contact information, outlining how the award will assist you to attend the conference/meeting, purpose of conference/meeting and how the conference/meeting will promote learning in the subject disciplines of veterinary anaesthesia and / or analgesia.
  • Confirmation of conference/meeting
  • When applying please specify which Academic Year 2024
  • Brief professional reference

Send your application to GraduateResearchDegrees@murdoch.edu.au

Required Documents

  • Thank you letter to donor upon receipt of award, outlining how the award will help you and what you hope to achieve
  • Brief post-travel report summarising the conference/meeting and how it has/will promote learning relevant to veterinary Anaesthesia and / or analgesia (max. 1 page)

Payment Method

Any travel in association of Murdoch University must be booked and paid through Locomote.