Murdoch University Medical Service is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm and offers a range of appointments and health services.

See a doctor

Appointments with our doctors are available at the Perth campus most days. If you’re new to our service you’ll need to complete a new patient information form. Make sure to arrive early to complete the form and register with the service.

To book an appointment with a doctor please call us or book an appointment online. On-day appointments are reserved for patients with urgent medical needs.

Book an Appointment

You’ll need an appointment for:

  • prescriptions
  • cervical screening tests
  • specialist referrals
  • investigations like blood tests, scans, lumps/bumps and skin checks
  • sexual health screening
  • immunisations
  • mental health care plans
  • travel health
  • dive medicals.

Good health care is achieved through an active and positive partnership between you and your healthcare professional. Find out how to get the most from your appointment.


Booking an appointment with respiratory symptoms

If you have cold and flu-like symptoms or have COVID please book a telehealth consultation rather than coming into the service.

It is still a requirement that all patients and staff wear a mask whilst in the service to help reduce the spread of viral illnesses.

If you are unsure or wish you to discuss your needs, call our friendly reception staff for assistance on 93602293. An initial telehealth assessment may need to be undertaken before bringing you into the service.

Telehealth consults

Telehealth consults have become a vital tool in reduce the spread of COVID-19 within our community.

Keep your phone switched on and handy at the time of your appointment, the doctor will call you, please be mindful they may be a little late if they are still attending to the previous appointment, we will do our best to run on time.

Many Telehealth calls are now via video link. Keep an eye on your incoming messages as the link to start the video call will come through this way. Video consults enable us to see you and it provides opportunity for a better assessment.

Arriving for face-to-face appointments at the service

When you arrive at the service for a face-to-face appointment, please remain outside the service. Use the video intercom outside the front door or your phone to alert our reception staff that you have arrived. You will be asked a series of screening questions and we will take your temperature before you enter the service.

To minimise the amount of time you spend in the service we may ask you to wait outside until the Doctor is ready to see you, please make yourself comfortable in the chairs provided.

For more information, see Murdoch University COVID-19 advice.

See a nurse

A Registered Nurse is available in the clinic daily. The clinic is free of charge for all patients, however costs apply for vaccines and other consumables. If the nurse refers you to a doctor, the usual fee will apply.

Nurse clinic appointments are bookable by calling the clinic reception. The Nurse can also provide some health advice via the phone.

First aid8:30am to 4:30pm
Fasting blood tests8:30am to 9:00am
Other health enquiries8:30am to 4:30pm

Our nurses can assist you with:

  • first aid
  • general health and wellbeing information
  • dressings and wound care
  • immunisations and injections
  • routine sexual health screening
  • healthy lifestyle consultations
  • travel health advice
  • pathology (for example, blood tests)
  • any health issue which is of concern to you.

Fees and charges

There may be costs for appointments with our doctors and for some items and services. Treatment costs will vary based on your situation and health care needs. Check with our doctors or administration staff for current fees and charges.

Appointment costs

While there are costs to see our doctors, the amount you pay will depend on your circumstances.

  • Domestic students

    You will be bulk billed when you see one of our doctors. This means that there are usually no out-of-pocket expenses for your appointments.

    Make sure you bring your Medicare card to every appointment with you. If you have a current health care card from Centrelink, you should also bring this to your medical appointments.

  • International students

    If you are insured by OSHC or NIB we will direct bill your provider at the same rate as Medicare when you see one of our doctors. This means that there are usually no out-of-pocket expenses for your appointments. Make sure you bring your insurers card to every appointment with you.

    If you’re insured with any other private insurer, or you have a reciprocal health agreement, you will be charged on the day and provided with a receipt which you can forward to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • Staff

    You will be charged a minimal private fee when you see one of our doctors. The fee is partly reimbursable by Medicare, if you are eligible for Medicare.

    We are able to electronically process your Medicare rebate as long as your personal and bank details are up to date with Medicare.

Other costs

Charges may apply for non-refundable items and services. The potential costs include consumables such as:

  • immunisations
  • dressings
  • administration costs for transfer of medical notes.

If the university’s emergency response team determines that you need an ambulance, you will be responsible for the ambulance cost. We strongly recommend all students and staff have ambulance cover. If you do not already have ambulance cover, contact your private health insurer to find out about the costs.

During your appointment, the doctor may refer you for tests or specialist appointments. There may be costs associated with these referrals.

Cancelling or rescheduling

We’ll send you a reminder text message 24 hours prior to your booking. If you’re unable to attend your appointment, let us know as soon as possible.

Due to the high demand for our doctors’ appointments, repeated failure to attend booked appointments may incur a ‘did not attend’ fee, which is the non-refundable cost of a standard appointment.