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At Murdoch, we believe the smallest thought or idea has the potential to make the biggest impact if it’s given the right conditions to grow and develop. Launchpad is the platform where free-thinkers can connect, collaborate and co-create to turn thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions.


Unique collaboration and learning opportunities

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Is your business facing a unique challenge? At Launchpad, you can engage with the next generation of leaders and innovative thinkers from the Murdoch community.

Opportunities for businesses and start-ups

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Launchpad gives students the opportunity develop future skills, work with like-minded entrepreneurs and take part in multi-discipline projects to help get business ideas off the ground.

Opportunities for students

A place for future innovators

Become a Launchpad partner school and find out how we can support the teaching of innovation and enterprise skills in your school.

Opportunities for high schools


Launchpad Academy

Launchpad Academy puts you on the fast track to entrepreneurial know how, supporting you to think bigger, discover new skills and experiences and to show your potential to the world!

Whether the dream is to build a business, work in a start-up, start a social enterprise, develop a project or movement, Launchpad Academy is the place that helps to unlock your creativity and passion. Join our community and let us equip you with the skills to realise your ideas. It is time to Free your Think!

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Unleash your entrepreneurial superpower at Launchpad Academy and be in the running for $10,000.

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Meet our Entrepreneur in Residence

Jeremy Chetty, Entrepreneur in residence

Jeremy Chetty

Jeremy is actively involved in the start-up community and is here to help students, academics or alumni turn their business idea into a reality. Jeremy is co-founder of Student Edge, a free student community with over one million members. Jeremy started Student Edge whilst he was a student at Murdoch and is passionate about helping students on their journey to starting their own business. To develop your business or start-up idea, contact Jeremy to book a consultation.


Events at Launchpad

Innovation is at the core of Murdoch’s values, vision and mission. We know that supporting innovative thinking is about more than offering academic study; it’s about offering support, connections and access to real-life learning environments.

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Launchpad offers a variety of collaborative spaces ideal for activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship and business. You can book our spaces to run events, meetings, seminars, workshops and more.

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Launchpad is located at the heart of Murdoch University’s Perth campus, in the Geoffrey Bolton Library.

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Learn more about our passionate team of innovators and entrepreneurs, meet the Launchpad team.


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