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We believe the smallest thought or idea has the potential to make the biggest impact if it’s given the right conditions to grow and develop. Launchpad is the platform where free-thinkers can connect, collaborate and co-create to turn thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions.

If you have a new opportunity or challenge in your business that requires a fresh approach, we can work with you to provide a multi-disciplinary team of talented students and academics who can come up with creative solutions to challenge your thinking.


Benefits for business and industry partners

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Connect with like-minded people

Through industry events and think tanks, Launchpad brings together thought leaders from academia, business and the next generation to discuss big ideas and forge new networks.

Murdoch University seeks to be a creative force for current and future generations.

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Collaborate with us and help grow the next generation of thinkers

Launchpad provides a dedicated space where Murdoch students and academics can engage with your business through real-world learning. Through collaborating with your business, students will be able to foster the skills required for success in their future careers.

Speak with us to find out how you can work with our students.

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Academic expert and student working to develop new idea

Create new ideas

Work with our talented students and academic experts to develop your new idea.

When working with our students, you can have access to Launchpad’s state-of-the-art equipment including a Prototype Lab and 3D printers. Our partners also have access to use Launchpad’s creative spaces for events and meetings.

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As a partner, Launchpad offers the opportunity for you to:

  • engage with the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and change agents
  • access world-leading expertise and research through Launchpad’s network of contacts
  • develop creative solutions to your business project or challenge
  • gain access to network opportunities including industry events with the opportunity to host your own event or meeting within Launchpad
  • Engage with our Careers and Employability team

The Launchpad team can engage in a way that suits you, working flexibly and where required, in confidence.


Want to find out more?

If you would like to talk to us and learn more, please get in touch.

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Launchpad is located at the heart of Murdoch University’s Perth campus, in the Geoffrey Bolton Library.


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