Grow your thinking to influence smarter business, legal and political decisions

Follow in the footsteps of other Murdoch free thinkers: the CEO of a major international airline, a deputy prime minister, a federal minister for justice, a crime specialist that's re-thinking the jail system, or a lawyer defending the rights of children, protestors and inmates.


Where could a business or law degree take you?

Learn how to turn ideas into actions that make the world a better place.

The career options in business, governance, law or criminology are almost endless: you could defend social justice, champion sustainability agendas in the business world or find new ways to fight crime.

Or perhaps you’ll join the entrepreneurial movement, be at the table when political decision are made or fight for human rights.

Why study business and law at Murdoch?

By 2022, there will be:


129,800 new jobs for legal, social and welfare professionals.


89,000 new management jobs.


58,800 new jobs for business, human resources and marketing professionals.

Explore our business, law and criminology degrees

Why study business, law or criminology at Murdoch?

Prepare for the career you're made for

Prepare for the career you're made for

A successful career starts when you hit the ground running armed with the skills you need. At Murdoch you can undertake internships at leading law firms, multinational corporations, local businesses, government departments and not for profit organisations. As a law student, you may take part in our well-established mooting program (which will see you participating in simulated court proceedings with teams from law schools in Australia and abroad). Or, you may provide legal support to real clients through our on-campus community legal centre. As a business student, you'll learn in executive suites which have been designed to simulate professional industry environments.

Prepare to think your way to global solutions

Prepare to think your way to global solutions

Experience the world’s business, legal and crime sectors first-hand. Depending on your degree, you'll also have the chance to participate in overseas programs in Germany, Shanghai, Singapore or Geneva. You may even join a university delegation to Canberra to sit in on government talks, or travel to join presidential talks at an international conference through our annual Global Voices Scholarship. Our business degrees feature an internationalised curriculum, so you'll learn how to see business challenges through a global lens.

Don't limit your thinking. Consider a flexible degree.

Consider a combined degree or double major to graduate with more career opportunities.

Combine your studies with another area to give your thinking the opportunity to thrive in a multitude of careers. If you’re an undergraduate student, consider a double major or combined degree during your undergraduate degree. Or, as a high performing student, you may be eligible to get your undergraduate and postgraduate qualification at the same time by completing our postgraduate MasterClass Graduate Certificate in Business Administration during winter and summer breaks. Alternatively, extend your degree with an honours program, undertaking intensive research training and working closely with an academic on a topic of your choice.

Learn from our free-thinking academics

Lorraine Finlay

Lorraine Finlay

Lorraine Finlay spent almost 10 years applying her thinking to the WA legal system as a prosecutor, legal research officer and High Court associate, before joining Murdoch to teach and research constitutional, human rights, criminal and public international law.

View Lorraine's profile.

Guy Hall

Guy Hall

Criminologist Guy Hall investigates the impact of crime on victims and offenders. An expert in understanding the behaviour of prisoners and offenders, he's worked with prisons, the Government and the justice system.

View Guy's profile.

Anne Garnet

Anne Garnet

Dr Anne Garnet has 25 years' experience understanding the driving forces behind the economy. She'll help you think about what impact economic events have on our world and how government, business and individual decisions affect our economy.

View Anne's profile.


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