Murdoch University was founded on an ethos of providing pathways into higher education for people who had previously been excluded. We are immensely proud of this tradition, and as we approach our 50th anniversary celebrations, this ethos is as strong as ever. 

We are launching an exciting new initiative to support access to university education for greater numbers of rural and remote students. 

Celebrating 50 years of Murdoch

Help raise more than $250,000 for undergraduate students (including First Nations students) living in regional or remote areas who may be experiencing financial hardship. 

There is a real need for a scholarship program like this one.

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So far, we’ve secured 4 of the 50 scholarships in celebration of our 50 years. With the escalating cost of living and the challenges faced by our rural students, there has never been a more critical time to demonstrate that higher education remains accessible.

For previously rural-based scholarship students like Danielle, a scholarship made an enormous difference:
Danielle Iles
I was a fortunate recipient of the George Alexander Foundation scholarship. As a farm girl who had never lived in the city before, this scholarship helped ease the stress and challenges that come with moving. This allowed me to focus on my academic pursuits and unlock my full potential.
Danielle Iles BSc / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

For Amber, the 50-Year Scholarship has been transformational for her education and future:

Amber Wilkinson
This scholarship has helped reduce my stress and anxiety, as it means that I don't have to live on two-minute noodles anymore, I can hang out with friends without worry and rent is barely a thought anymore. I want to say a tremendous thank you to the donors that have made my scholarship possible.
Amber Wilkinson Bachelor of Comm. & Creative Media
You can assist more students like Danielle and Amber by making a donation today.  

The 50 scholarships in celebration of our 50 years are for students who have completed Year 12 and is designed to offset costs in the first year of any undergraduate degree. We recognise students often need more support beyond the $5,000 and - depending on what is raised - we may have the opportunity to offer more funds to ensure continuity and support throughout the course of their degree.  

To commence 50 scholarships in celebration of our 50 years, Emeritus Professor Mal Nairn has generously gifted one scholarship.  
Mal Nairn
Many country towns are struggling. There’s strong evidence that rural students who enrol in university are more likely to engage in work or research supporting regional WA. It’s good to be able to say thanks by supporting the 50 scholarships in celebration of our 50 years.
Emeritus Professor Mal Nairn

Join us by making a gift today towards this special initiative to support our rural, regional, and remote students wishing to come to Murdoch University and take the first big step in their higher education journeys.  

If you would like to make this a regular gift, please call our office on (08) 9360 6211 or email us.

This is a meaningful and special way for the University to celebrate its 50th anniversary, supporting our tradition of inclusive education, and enabling people from all corners of our state to access tertiary education and join with us as we endeavour to create a brighter future, together.