Our Sexual Harm Support Officers (SHSO) are here to help you access specialist services, make a report and understand University processes.

Any member of the Murdoch Community can make a disclosure of an incident of sexual harm to our SHSOs, including those who have experienced sexual harm, witnessed sexual harm, or had an incident of sexual harm disclosed to them. By filling out the disclosure form, the incident will go through to our SHSOs to review. Disclosures can be made anonymously, or, if you wish to be contacted for follow-up on assistance to access specialist services and university procedures, please supply your name and contact details and one of our SHSOs will reach out to you. All disclosures are confidential and taken seriously. If you are unsure whether you have experienced sexual harm, please still get in contact with us as we are here to support you in all circumstances. 

Alternatively, staff, students and the Murdoch community can email the SHSOs at MUHwelfare@murdoch.edu.au to request a phone call or face-to-face appointment. A disclosure form does not need to be completed prior to the email. We please request that you do not provide too many details over email as this is not a secure medium. Details that we need to know include your name, whether you are a student, staff member or from the Murdoch community, your contact number and when the best time is to call you.

Please note: This inbox is only monitored by the SHSOs for your confidentiality.  

If you are experiencing high levels of distress, you can present to or phone either the Medical or Counselling service at the Perth campus. You do not need to give details as to why you need the appointment but explain you need to talk to someone today and if you feel comfortable doing so you can ask to speak to one of the SHSOs. If an SHSO is not available, one of the other trained health staff will see you and help link you to the right support.  Our reception and administration staff are trained to respond appropriately to people in need of immediate support.   

For more information on how to make a disclosure as a bystander, visit our third-party disclosures page.  

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Simon Walters

Director: Access Wellbeing & Equity

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Tsin Koh

Counselling Team Manager

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Lisa Cranfield

Medical Service Manager

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Shirley Farr

Counsellor and Outreach Support Coordinator

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Caroline Knowles

Outreach Support Coordinator

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Sarah Doncon

Nurse Medical Service Manager