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Teaching and Unit Evaluations

Murdoch’s Transnational Course Agreements with Transnational Partners includes a provision for the Transnational Partner to request that students complete unit and teaching evaluations in accordance with Murdoch’s requirements, as advised by Murdoch from time to time.

The Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy states that:

“Unit evaluations will be administered at transnational locations in accordance with University policy. The results of surveys shall be reported to the Unit Coordinator, the Dean of the TNE location, the Deans Learning and Teaching and the affiliate staff with teaching responsibilities.” (Clause 6.1)

“Teaching evaluations should be available for affiliate staff in the TNE environment.” (Clause 6.2)

Murdoch Dubai Unit and Teaching Surveys

Unit and teaching surveys are managed by the Office of Strategy, Quality and Analytics’ Survey and Evaluations Team. The surveys are administered online using the software Blue and are made available via 'MyFeedback'. An agreement between Navitas and Murdoch was reached at the commencement of the partnership (2019) that only one survey was recommended, and that Murdoch would be responsible for implementing/conducting the surveys.

Teaching surveys will only be conducted upon request by the Unit Coordinator. The Affiliate Lecturer who is being evaluated will receive the results of the teaching surveys. Results of unit and teaching surveys will be accessible to the Unit Coordinators, Deans Leaning & Teaching, Heads of Discipline, PVC TNE & Singapore Dean, Dubai Dean and Manager TNE by logging into the Myfeedback via http://myfeedback.murdoch.edu.au/. Reports are released after students have received their final grade.

Murdoch Singapore Unit and Teaching Surveys

Kaplan Singapore conduct unit and teaching surveys, historically they have had very good response rates. The Office of Strategy, Quality and Analytics (OSQA) have surveyed Singapore students also up to and including the January 2019 teaching period. At this time, PVC TNE and Associate Director OSQA discussed the poor response rate to Murdoch’s survey and a decision was taken to cease the Murdoch surveys. One survey has been conducted since May 2019 and that has been conducted by Kaplan, who provide the outcomes to Murdoch for their records/action. OSQA are looking into how best to upload the Kaplan results to Murdoch systems so staff can compare unit performance across all locations.

The TNE Liaison Team will share the survey results with Deans Learning & Teaching, Heads of Discipline, PVC TNE & Singapore Dean, Assistant Dean Learning & Teaching Singapore and Manager TNE. The TNE Liaison Team will send one page word document of mean scores for each unit to the respective Unit Coordinators. Unit Contacts will receive a generic email informing them the results have been sent to the Unit Coordinator.

Please see the TNE Unit and Teaching Survey Process document for more details.