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Formal Moderation

Moderation is a quality assurance strategy directed at the consistency, validity and fairness of assessment for Unit Coordinators, markers and students. It is a process of ensuring equivalence and comparability by independently evaluating whether there has been consistency in the standard of marking (and provision of feedback) across individual assessment items or whether significant deviations have occurred from a previously defined standard.

The goal of moderation is so that students will have an equal opportunity for a fair and accurate assessment regardless of the marker or where the marking has taken place, and should occur in the following situations:
1)In large units;
2)Where there are multiple markers;
3)Where there are offerings across multiple campuses or partners;
4)Where mandated (e.g. Transnational Educational (TNE) Partnerships.)

Moderation should be viewed as an ongoing process that involves collaborative decision-making about expectations and assessment criteria and that begins prior to the submission of items for assessment. s6.8 Assessment Policy 2016 August 01; s 3.3 Assessment Guideline 2016 January 01).

All moderation will be discussed and noted at the Results Committee at the end of each teaching period. As part of the discussion of results for TNE units, unit coordinators must confirm that moderation has taken place and should provide feedback to the Results Committee on the following:

1. Student Performance (performance of cohorts; comparison with other cohorts onshore/offshore)
2. Affiliate Lecturer (quality of teaching, assessment timelines; level of communication)
3. Unit Delivery & Management (technical issues and other issues)

The TNE Moderation Feedback form for the Results Committee can be found here.

This process should focus on positive as well as negative outcomes and it is important to document and encourage good teaching and marking practice. The respective Transnational Deans will be provided with the minutes of the Results Committee meetings which details this information. If an affiliate has done an outstanding job that deserves praise or if there is a significant issue that needs to be addressed, the TNE Deans or their delegates will contact the respective Lecturer Management team at the partner institution(s) to report this and initiate any performance management or professional development requirements for future teaching periods as necessary.

The purpose of these questions is to provide feedback to the TNE Deans and the Transnational Partner on issues raised during moderation, as well as to inform annual reviews of contract and TNE academic quality checks. The TNE Deans can also provide feedback to the Affiliate lecturers on their marking. The feedback will be minuted at the Results Committee meetings and the minutes will be provided to Disciplines and TNE Deans.

Further information on moderation is available at Assessment, Moderation and Results.