VLS Announcements 169 - 16 February 2018

Dear Colleagues,

It has been quite a busy fortnight with preparations well underway for O week and the beginning of Semester 1.

This year the University is taking a slightly different approach to helping our new students to feel comfortable in their new surrounds, with Professional Services staff to wear their Murdoch-branded polo t-shirts from 20 to 22 February during O-week. This will allow our members of staff to be easily identified by students, so they know who to approach to ask for directions or get answers to other general questions about finding the services they need.

Whilst we are gearing up to welcome new students, we are preparing to farewell Fiona Feist. I am both pleased and saddened to announce that Fiona Feist has resigned from her position at Murdoch to take up a role at Curtin University. Fiona’s last day with us in VLS will be Friday the 23 February.

Fiona has been at Murdoch for over 17 years in many different roles and has been with us in VLS since July 2014. She is a widely liked and respected member of the Murdoch University community who has achieved an impressive amount during her tenure and although we are very sad to see her go, we wish her all the best.

Kind regards,

Richard Harper
Acting Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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    VLS has been allocated funding for Small Research Grants and for Equipment and Software Grants.

    Points to note:

    These are likely to be extremely competitive as we will have limited funding for each scheme.

    For Small Research Grants, applications that are multi-disciplinary will be looked on favourably.

    For equipment/software applications that have a wider benefit across research groups and/or teaching will also be looked on favourably.

    Further information and application details

  • Mock Evacuation & Evacuation Training

    The University will be conducting Mock Evacuations and Evacuation Training on the dates below:

    Mock Evacuation: Tuesday the 13th of March - Building by building evacuations commencing from 08:30 and finalising at 16:00

    Warden Training:

    Session One – Monday the 12th of March, at 09:00 – Building 390, McCusker Conference Room

    Session Two – Monday the 12th of March, at 11:00 – Building 390, McCusker Conference Room

    The detailed memo is attached.

  • Disability Advisor - Message from Erica Lewin

    I am circulating the attached slide, which may be useful for the first lectures of semester. It can prompt students to see a Disability Advisor early in semester and so experience improved learning outcomes. I’d appreciate you circulating this slide as appropriate to academic staff.

    I, and the Disability Advisors here, are available to speak with staff individually or as part of your ongoing meetings/governance in your School, as there may be queries about the supports that students may be entitled to as a result of their disability/medical condition. Please let me know if we can possibly meet with your staff during the coming semester.

    Also note that staff training on Disability Services for Students is available through the People and Culture Office, TCMS. In Semester 1 this training is scheduled for 9 May 12.30pm – 2pm. Please encourage staff to register for this.

  • NHMRC - A reminder of upcoming deadlines

    A reminder of upcoming deadlines. Please refer to the attached document for the 2018 ARC and NHMRC round deadlines and requirements.

    NHMRC Projects:

    - IRMA coversheet deadline was 5th February 2018

    - Minimum Data internal deadline – 12th February 2018

    - Full Proposal internal deadline – 28th February 2018

    ARC Discovery Project:

    - Final Proposals to be submitted to the Research Office in RMS by lunchtime 20th February 2018

    If you are involved in any application led by another organisation, please inform the Grants Team as soon as possible, as this requires an IRMA coversheet and School/University approvals of the application before the application can be submitted.

  • Temporary extended access

    This form should be used by people whose enrolment or employment status with the University has, or is about to cease and special circumstances require their temporary continued access to these systems: workstation login, email access, file/folder access, remote access through dialup or VPN and Library search catalogue. This will not work for Callista and LMS.

    An extension may be granted for a maximum of thirty (30) days beyond the current expiry date for the applicant’s user account, or from the date this form is signed if the applicant’s account is already expired. If access is required beyond 30 days, the applicant should seek to update their enrolment or employment status with the appropriate University office. Online application form link

  • Updated Recruitment Case Template

    Please find attached an updated version of the recruitment case template here

  • Centre for Rhizobium Studies PhD student recently awarded AW Howard Memorial Trust Research Fellowship

    Congratulations to Centre for Rhizobium Studies PhD student Talitha Rogers, who was recently awarded the AW Howard Memorial Trust Research Fellowship for her project on the physiology of root nodule bacteria in the genus Burkholderia. These bacteria form a nitrogen-fixing symbiosis with the perennial legume Lebeckia ambigua, which originates from the Fynbos region of South Africa.

    This legume is deep rooted and highly tolerant to dry, acidic soils, making it an ideal pasture for the South-West of Western Australia.

    Talitha’s research, supervised by Jason Terpolilli, Sofie De Meyer and Graham O’Hara, aims to characterise the novel respiratory mechanisms of these bacteria and to define a set of highly effective nitrogen-fixing Burkholderia strains for this legume. This work will contribute toward the development of a robust and stable inoculant for the new pasture systems under development by CRS researchers lead by John Howieson.
  • Delivering Unit Readings and other learning materials - Kate Makowiecka

    Information is available on the copyrightmatters website regarding unit readings here


    The Ramp form can now be acess directly from this link on the website.

  • Time of death written in your genes — and it could help forensic investigators

    Researchers from Europe and the Americas have found certain genes ramp up or wind down in skin, lungs and other body tissues in the hours after death. Brendan Chapman has commented on this article for ABC NEWS

  • Learning and Teaching Certificate - Applications close on Monday 19th February.

    This is a reminder that applications for Unit 1 of the Learning and Teaching Certificate close on Monday 19th February.

    Help spread the word, We encourage you to circulate the attached brochure to any colleagues you think may be interested.

    Application is open to all Murdoch staff who teach or support learning and have interest in developing effective learning and teaching practices. The Certificate would appeal to a wide range of colleagues, including newly-appointed or early career academic staff, professional staff whose roles involve supporting learning, and colleagues in senior roles.

    For the first time in 2018 we will also offer a programme to support those preparing for Senior Fellowship of HEA.

    CUTL is accredited by the Higher Education Academy to offer the Learning and Teaching Certificate. As a result, staff who successfully complete the course will be awarded either Fellowship or Associate Fellowship of HEA, a widely-known mark of recognition for those who teach or support learning in the higher education sector.

    Information for academic supervisors

    We’ve attached an information sheet giving further information for School Deans, Associate Deans and others in a leadership or supervisory role in Schools.

    Interested staff should contact CUTL to book their place. Session information, together with a full course calendar, can be found on the CUTL website.

    Further details on how to apply can be found here.

    If you have questions or require further information please submit a general enquiry or contact Natalie Davis

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  • ARO Newsletters #5 and #6

    Attached is the ARO Newsletters for weeks beginning 5th February and 12th February.

  • Phase 2 of the 360 Virtual Tour - message from Leanne McCormick

    To see the 360 Virtual Tour inserted in a Content Block, visit one of the pages such as Murdoch Webpage and scroll to the “360 Explore Murdoch” content block. Click “Tour Perth Campus” to load it on screen from the web page. The direct link to the tour application, which can also be found in the Website Footer, is A goto link also exists for marketing purposes. This link is And if you’re using Virtual Reality goggles click the ‘mask icon’ (after the right arrow in the control bar) to fire it up in VR mode.

    Here’s a summary of the major updates to this version, which include the addition of the School facilities and Animal Hospital into the locations:

    Enhancements to the existing Virtual Tour, built in the Panotour product.

    Locations expanded from generic/shared campus locations to now include Schools/Study Area facilities.

    Updated front-end design, including replication of website style guide where feasible, in elements such as functions and icons.

    Added ‘navigational’ functions including menu navigation (via images) and map (via image).

    Analytics tracking included in this version which will enable us to track use of the tour and user interactions with the control bar, navigation elements, and Level 1 ‘navigation’ (image buttons).

    Full list of Virtual Tour locations


    Student Centre, Library, Bookshop, Medical Service, Animal Hospital, Chiropractic Clinic


    Business School, Education, Engineering & Physics (Pilot Plant, Electrical Laboratory, Instrumentation Laboratory), Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning Laboratory, Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Murdoch Sports Centre), Law (Moot Court, Law Café), Life Sciences, Media Arts Centre (Radio Studios, TV Studio, Sound Stage), Clinical Nursing (Simulation Ward, Simulation Room), Vet Studies (Surgery Preparation Room, Emergency Treatment Room, Vet Farm, Anatomy Museum), Murdoch Institute of Technology


    Bush Court, Banksia Court, Chinese Garden


    The Tavern, Pop-Up Ref, Lunchbox Café


    University Village (Swimming Pool, BBQ Area, Apartment North, Apartment South)

    We’re so appreciative of your help throughout pre-production stage, with organising us access to the facilities. They all look very impressive as 360 shots! Please pass our thanks on to everyone who helped.

  • Presentation by St. Stephens High school students
  • There will be a presentation by St. Stephens High school students on Monday 19th of February at the Biological Sciences lecture theatre BS 2.051A starting at 4.00 pm

    The students’ parents and friends will be attending and the presentation is open to anyone who would like to attend and see what research capabilities High school students have these days. The students carried out a molecular biology research project, investigating the toxicity of Wheat (gluten) proteins to Coeliac and gluten intolerant people, mentored by Adj. Prof. Chris Florides under the auspices of the outreach programme and the Scientists for Schools programme a CSIRO initiative.

    All are welcome.

  • Interim Director - PDSCO - Andrew Wildy

    I am pleased to advise that Andrew Wildy has been appointed to the role of Interim Director PDCSO, commencing on Monday 5th February.

    Prior to joining Murdoch University, Andrew led a team of 350 employees and 2,000 contractors with a $500m annual operating budget to transform Rio Tinto's Pilbara accommodation and towns portfolio. He developed and implemented a transformational strategy, delivering outstanding results in safety (90% reduction in injuries), productivity (50% improvement) and service quality by creating a collaborative, engaging and focused workplace. Andrew established partnerships with local and state governments to improve community outcomes.

    Andrews key achievements include:

    Led a $3bn contract tender for facilities management services and developed new, best-practice contract model resulting large cost savings and customer service focus.

    Led a $1bn construction and refurbish programs to transform a portfolio of 15,000 FIFO rooms, 3,500 houses and 300 commercial buildings.

    Awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence category at the 2015 Australian Institute of Management WA Business Pinnacle Awards.

    Established a shared service centre for transactional and administrative support including offshoring, generating cost savings and improving service levels.

    Led business transformation to reduced parts inventory by 40% in 12 months to reduce working capital, consolidating warehousing and logistics processes and driving improvements in maintenance planning and supply chain.

    Andrew’s experience in facilities management and best practices hold him in good stead to lead the PDCSO team.

    Please join me in welcoming Andrew to the University and the PDCSO team.

  • Welcome Caroline Montgomery and Dr Benedetta Crivellari- Message from Anthea Raisis

    We would like to welcome Caroline Montgomery and Dr Benedetta Crivellari to the Anaesthesia team.

    1. Caroline (who has already been working in the clinic since January) is a Training scholar in veterinary anaesthesia. Caroline has extensive experience assisting with anaesthesia in Veterinary Referral clinics in Brisbane and Melbourne.

    2. Benedetta is joining us as a resident in Veterinary Anaesthesia. Benedetta graduated from the University of Milan, has completed a missed internship in Lyon and an anaesthesia internship in the UK, before joining the anaesthesia team in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

    Please say hi and make them both feel welcome.

  • Annual Conflict of Interest Declaration

    It is that time of year again, all staff need to fill out the Annual conflict of interest declaration - here

    This declaration can be completed at the Conflict of Interest page. It would be appreciated if staff members could complete the declaration by 28 February 2018. The instructions are self-explanatory and basic information on conflicts of interest is stated there.

    In addition, you should refer to the University’s Conflict of Interest policy. This policy was approved by Senate and will assist you in understanding your obligations in relation to disclosure of potential, perceived or actual conflicts of interest.

    Once you have submitted your declaration this will automatically be sent to your supervisor who will receive an email requesting a review. If you have no interests to declare, nothing further is required.

    If you declare any interests, you will need to discuss this with your supervisor so they can then enter a “rating” against the declarations.

    The ratings vary according to the steps that may be required to ensure that the risk of conflict arising is appropriately managed. Once again, instructions are provided in the system in relation to this step, but the Audit and Risk Management Office can provide further assistance to you or your supervisor if required.

    Should you encounter any difficulties in submitting your declarations please contact the Audit and Risk Management Office

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  • WA Flyer Crawford Student Awards 2018

    We will offer 2-3 for students to gain some experience working in international agriculture in a developing country. The program will be launched nationally on Friday. I will remind you again at the end of January. Please will you make this information available through your contacts amongst those who might be interested in applying so they can start considering possible projects. Before Christmas I expect to have the latest version of the application form and guidelines. You can read about the experience of recent winners of this award on the Crawford Fund website ( Contact me for further information, but applications should be emailed to Prof Lyn Abbott at UWA ( before the closing date on 29 March 2018. Her contact information will also be on the (see attachments).

  • Freeze Drying Seminar
  • I would like to invite researchers/students of the School of Veterinary and Life Science / Medical and Molecular Sciences to the upcoming Freeze Drying Seminar held at the SABC Meeting Room (Building 235, Murdoch Uni) on the 21st Feb 2018.Further information is available here

    In Vitro Technologies, together with the Freeze Drying specialist, Dai Qing Qing from Buchi will be hosting a presentation on how to improve freeze drying and revolutionise lyophilisation – a lot of theory and information on good freeze drying techniques and principles. I am hoping everyone interested in Freeze Drying from laboratory staff, academics, to students (phd, honours, undergraduates) can attend.

    Buchi’s new Freeze Dryer will be mentioned briefly at the end but it is primarily a Freeze Drying technique, principle, the whys and hows of Freeze Drying. If anyone is interested to discuss more in detail about their application, Qing Qing and I will be available to discuss more about it on that day afterwards. The L200 Freeze Dryer model will also be on display.

    Food will be catered and therefore, RSVP by 14th Feb is


    Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd


    Our growing national organization is looking for an Account Manager in WA to manage and develop our business across Universities, Research Facilities and Hospitals. We are 100% Australian owned and have been servicing the scientific laboratory community across Australia and abroad since 1987. We have developed a wide range of brands and agencies. This is your opportunity to put into practice your professional skills to help us grow our market share.


    As an Account Manager you will be responsible for selling a range of laboratory products. You will be raising our brand awareness, providing technical support and investing your time assisting university, pathology and hospital laboratory end users with their needs. For further information including how to apply see the career connect website

  • The Royal Society of Western Australia – Symposium 2018

    Call for Posters – The Royal Society of Western Australia

    The Royal Society of Western Australia (RSWA) has organised a Symposium for July 27-28 2018, entitled "Landscapes, Seascapes & Biota: Unique WA - Past, Present & Future" (see at The University Club, UWA.

    The program has been carefully designed in order to (1) present up-to-date reviews on many aspects of the natural sciences in Western Australia in invited keynote papers; and (2) poster sessions where specific research on any aspect of natural science can be presented.

    RSWA was established from precursor organisations over 100 years ago. The Journal of The Royal Society of Western Australia is now at volume 100 and over this time has published some of the fundamental research papers on the natural sciences in Western Australia.

    For this year’s Symposium, we welcome posters on specific research topics related to the natural sciences in Western Australia. Postgraduate Students and Early Career Researchers are eligible to participate in the Poster Competition (those with less than 5 years of research work after graduation, not including career interruptions): Refer RSWA Symposium 2018 Poster Competition.pdf. Other posters are also welcome but will not be considered for the competition.

    What is required for all posters:-

    (1) An expression of interest so that we can plan the poster sessions well in advance. Before 15 March 2018 please send to the following:

    Name: Email address: Provisional topic:

    (2) Before 20 April 2018 please send to an "Abstract" of no more than 2600 characters (with spaces) on the Abstract Template.docx. Registration for the symposium must be undertaken at the same time as abstract submission.

    (3) A hard-copy poster, either paper or cloth in portrait orientation, outlining your research. The poster is to be placed in a designated position on the poster boards before the first poster session (before 10.30 am in the Banquet Hall, The University Club on Friday 27 July 2018)

    Presenters may wish to supply a pdf version of the hard-copy poster. This will be projected at The University Club Banquet Hall during the symposium, and with the author's permission can be placed on the Society's website after the symposium. If you wish to do this, please send the pdf to by 25 July 2018. Registration for the symposium must accompany submission of a poster. All pdf and docx documents can be found on the RSWA Website re Symposium 2018

  • The Royal Society of Western Australia – Symposium 2018 - Poster Competition

    For Postgraduate Students and Early Career Science Researchers - information can be found here

    You are invited to compete for a $1,000 Postgraduate Student/ Early Career Science Researcher Award, as part of the Symposium for 27-28 July 2018, entitled "Landscapes, Seascapes & Biota: Unique WA - Past, Present & Future" being organised at The University Club, UWA, by The Royal Society of Western Australia (see

    Six best-poster prizes for postgraduate students and four best-poster prizes for early-career researchers ($1,000 each) are available:

    1. Dacian Gold – PESA Early-Career Poster Award

    2. Aurora-Environmental Early-Career Poster Award

    3. Lucy Florence Victoria Hosking Memorial Early-Career Poster Award

    4. Francis Thomas Gregory Memorial Early-Career Poster Award

    5. Curtin University-sponsored Postgraduate Poster Award

    6. Edith Cowan University-sponsored Postgraduate Poster Award

    7. Murdoch University-sponsored Postgraduate Poster Award

    8. The University of Western Australia-sponsored Postgraduate Poster Award

    9. Curt Teichert Memorial Postgraduate Poster Award

    10. Sir John Forrest Memorial Postgraduate Poster Award

  • The 2018 Festival of Birds

    The 2018 Festival of Birds will take place over the months of February and March. The festival includes an array of entertaining and educational community events showcasing the unique and beautiful bird fauna of the south coast of Western Australia.

    For further information - see the website or the attached document