VLS Announcements 141 - 9 June 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As we enter assessment period, I would like to thank all of our academic, teaching, technical and student support staff for their work in Semester 1.

We have had a good week of media coverage with Graham Gardner’s DEXA imaging research, Peter Adam’s work with DAFWA on the detection of feral pigs and Catherine Baudain’s discussion and tips to help the war on waste all having been in the media. A great week showing the diversity of researchers across the school.

Kind regards,

David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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  • Task and Finish Group to focus on an Assessment and Feedback reviewfor action

    The DVC(E) is establishing a Task and Finish Group to focus on an Assessment and Feedback review. Attached is a document outlining the work of the group. A representative from VLS is requested. If you’re concerned about assessment and would like to have a say (as well as earn the Workload Points for a central university working party), please contact Mike Calver (ADLT).

    There will be a meeting on 14th June, followed by a Re-thinking assessment – a programme leader’s guide workshop on Tuesday 20th June from 9am – 12:30pm, followed by a Task and Finish Group meeting from 2pm – 4pm that the nominated representatives will also need to attend.

    Details of the workshop can be found below. However, the VLS representative will need to register for the workshop via the TCMS

    Re-thinking assessment – a programme leader’s guide
    This interactive workshop (based on a chapter in a forthcoming book) is intended for any programme or course leader, or Head of School/Department, who seriously wants to improve their assessment practice. Supported by current research, the workshop will argue the need to reduce but improve summative assessment, in particular regarding the assessment of programme outcomes and integrated learning, while increasing opportunities for formative assessment, the development of the students’ assessment literacy, and effective engagement with feedback - and provide practical examples of how this can and has been done.

  • Minor amendments to units for 2018 for action - note from Michael Calver, ADLT

    As part of the implementation of the Curriuculum@Murdoch project, the central database of unit descriptions will soon migrate to new software. It would be most helpful if minor unit amendments for 2018 were in the system before the migration, so I would be grateful if unit coordinators who have not already done so could indicate minor amendments to units for 2018 (e.g. a variation in assessment, change of prerequisite, amended learning outcome) by 10th July. Even if you think you have no changes, it is valuable for you to check your form.

    The procedure is:

    1. Download your 2018 unit description (see file ‘Downloading and amending your unit description’).
    2. Make your edits using track changes (I need to see what you’ve amended). The file XYZ101_2018 is a completed example with hints about how to interpret the different parts of the form. If some of the fields on the form are incomplete (e.g. unit outcomes), please complete them too. Some Mac users have reported problems with formatting, with text vanishing from table cells in the form. If that happens to you, consult the file ‘Fixing table formatting.'
    3. Email your completed unit description to Emma Thorp by 10th July. If you have no edits, there is no need to email anything – your unit description will go forward as it is.

    I regret making this request during the assessment period (not least because I too have marking and units to amend). However, if we can meet this request it will help greatly the migration to new databases for these records.

  • HDR Students and Graduates for 2016 Annual Reportfor action

    Could you please check the attached 2016 HDR Student and HDR Conferrals spreadsheets to confirm that all students are listed and have the correct supervisors and thesis titles. Please note that this information is for 2016 only. (2016 completions not conferred in 2016 will be included in next year’s report). Please send any required edits to Jaki Dyer

  • Scholarship Opportunities - Australian-American Fulbright Commission

    The Australian-American Fulbright Commission are currently accepting applications for two scholarships sponsored by Kansas State University (K-State), which is recognized year after year by the Princeton Review as one of America's best colleges:

    • Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • Fulbright Senior Scholarship

    The Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences is for an exceptional Australian Professor to carry out research at K-State in the United States. Selected Scholars will work with K-State faculty in priority research areas that lead to ongoing collaborative partnerships and which result in a stronger bilateral relationship between Australia and the United States. The Distinguished Chair is viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

    The Fulbright Senior Scholarship is for senior academics, government scientists or other key researchers to undertake a collaborative project at K-State in the United States. Successful applicants will work with a tenured or tenure-track colleague at K-State on a significant collaborative short-term research program in any academic discipline.

    For more information on the Australian-American Fulbright Scholarship program see the attached flyer and visit

  • New Honours Application Form

    The new honours application form has gone live on the website and can be assessed via the following link: The form combines the Program of study and admission application into one document and will reduce the time from offer acceptance to enrolment.

    When students have completed their section of the form (pages 1-3) they can submit it to the online applications portal My Admissions: Alternatively, email the form to the Honours Coordinator Jacqueline Dyer 

  • Call for New Honours Projects for Semester 2

    The honours program for semester two 2017 will commences on Monday 24th of July. The Honours Coordinator is seeking new honours projects for students inquiring about honours.

    If you would like to supervise an honours student and have a suitable project available, please provide your project details on the attached template. New projects will be added to the Honours Opportunities webpage.

    If you have old projects advertised, where closing date has past or the project is no longer available, please remove or update the project details.

  • 3Rs Animal Ethics Award 2017

    Applications for the 3Rs Animal Ethics Award 2017 are now open.

    This award is an initiative by Professor Robyn Owens, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), to recognise an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of the 3Rs (Reduction, Replacement and Refinement) and animal welfare at The University of Western Australia.

    The winner of the award will receive a payment of $5000 to their PG account.

    Closing date for applications is 12th June 2017.

    For more information on how to apply and details of previous winners, please visit: 

  • Library High Demand Collection and My Unit Readings for Semester 2

    This is a reminder for Unit Co-ordinators regarding the Library High Demand collection and My Unit Readings lists for semester 2.

    Note: Essential and recommended reading items already in High Demand or on My Unit Readings for semester 1 will remain there for semester 2 – no action from you is needed.

    Note: Essential and recommended reading items already in High Demand or on My Unit Readings for semester 1 will remain there for semester 2 – no action from you is needed.
    The Library will use reading lists from the bookshop to identify new high demand items for semester 2 and put these into the collection.
    If there are any additional items, that are not on the lists submitted to the bookshop, which you would like to be in the high demand collection, then you need to let us know by emailing Please supply the details of the item, unit name, unit co-ordinator and teaching period.
    If you have any queries, please contact

    My Unit Readings – new items for semester 2
    If you would like a new My Unit Readings list constructed by library staff, or if there are changes, requiring library staff assistance, which you wish to make to an existing My Unit Readings list - please submit your reading list/unit outline to by Friday 30th June 2017.

    Requests received after 30th June may not be processed in time for the beginning of Semester 2, 2017.

    Further information about My Unit Readings is available here:

    If you have any questions, please contact Jean Coleman.

  • ARC and NHMRC Information Workshops w/c 17th July 2017

    The Research and Innovation Office is holding a series of workshops during the week 17th to 20th July 2017 to provide information that will assist Murdoch staff who wish to submit an application to the next ARC and NHMRC major rounds.

    The workshops will focus on:

    1. NHMRC Project Grants, including the NHMRC Grant Program major restructure
    2. ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
    3. ARC Discovery Project
    4. ARC Linkage Project

    We will shortly be calling the internal Expression of Interest process for applications to the ARC and NHMRC and those intending to submit to apply to the next DECRA round are strongly advised to attend the workshop.

    If you intend to submit an Expression of Interest for application to the next Future Fellowship round, please get in touch with Jane Crier

    Please register below –
    Workshop First Offer Second Offer
    ARC DECRA Monday, 17th July 2017
    10:00 – 12:30
    Senate 121.1.002
    Thursday, 20th July 2017
    10:00 – 12:30
    ARC Discovery Projects Friday, 21st July 2017
    10:00 – 12:30
    Senate 121.1.002
    ARC Linkage Projects Tuesday, 18th July 2017
    10:00 – 12:30
    NHMRC Grant Program Changes and Project Grants 19th July 2017
    09:30 – 12:30

    Any queries, please contact Jane Crier directly.

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  • Introduction to the Murdoch Support portal - The Business Process Optimisation Program (BPO)

    The primary objectives of the Business Process Optimisation (BPO) Program are: “…to improve the current user experience when requesting services by simplifying, digitising and automating key business processes across the University” – the BPO program vision.

    This communication is your introduction to the BPO program and Murdoch Support, an online customer interface providing a central location to access existing, new or improved services offered within the University.

    In the attached pack you will find:

    • Overview of the Business Process Optimisation program
    • Change summary on a page
    • Key features of the technical solution
    • Sneak peak of the Murdoch Support portal
    • Benefits to you and your teams

    Action Required This pack has been distributed to all leaders for the purpose of consideration and circulation to your respective teams during week commencing 29th May to 9th June.

  • Office 365 - Starting the migration of staff mailboxes

    To support Murdoch’s technology strategy, we will shortly be commencing the staff mailbox migration to the Murdoch Office 365 cloud environment.

    Strategic Overview Although originally planned for earlier, the staff mailbox migration was delayed to allow us to determine a way to identify mailboxes containing sensitive information, such as credit card information which we legally are not allowed to store in mailboxes.
    We have now found an automated process that will allow us to identify those mailboxes and the associated steps to cleanse the mailbox of this data, before migration.
    Staff will benefit from an increase in their mailbox allowance to 50GB and access to an unlimited online archive.
    Action Required Outlined below is the series of steps that will be taken with each School:
    1. Each School will be provided with a list of their shared mailboxes. Please can you confirm that none have been missed from the list.
    2. As per the migration schedule (to be sent separately to each School), their mailboxes will be scanned for sensitive information.
    3. ITS will notify any staff member of sensitive information found in their mailbox and provide instructions on how to remove it. The staff member is required to cleanse their mailbox of this data before it can be migrated.
    4. All mailboxes without sensitive information will be migrated, i.e. ones that contain sensitive information will not
    5. ITS will provide details on how to update mobile phone settings to point to the new Outlook environment. Staff will need to change these settings after their mailbox has been migrated to access emails through their phone.
    While no outage is required to scan mailboxes, a 2 hour outage is required for the migration of mailboxes. It is planned to have this outage between 6am – 8am AWST on a Thursday morning. The first migration is scheduled for the 15th of June. Further to this, ITS will work with each School to agree a date as to when they will be migrated.
    If you have any questions about the migration please contact Further help and support around the benefits and features of the new Murdoch Office 365 Outlook environment can be found here.
  • New Key & Cylinder Pricing

    Murdoch University current key suppliers (Abloy Protec 2) have issued their new pricing list. To account for the increased cost of keys from the supplier and GST, the key deposit for the keys issued will be increased to $45 per key. The new pricing will be effective as of the 1st July 2017.

  • Academic Registrar's Office (ARO) Newsletter #17

    Please see the attached ARO Newsletter for week beginning 5 June.

  • School of Business and Governance Newsletter - June 2017

    Please see the attached School of Business and Governance newsletter.

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  • 2017 Public Lecture Series - "Healthy Futures"

    Title: Virus Wars: Defeating an Invisible Enemy
    Presenter: Professor Cassie Berry
    Date: 12 June @ 6pm
    Location: Kim Beazley
    RSVP here

    Title: From Salamanderfish to Sawfish: What is lurking in Western Australian inland waterways and how can we help them?
    Presenter: Dr Stephen Beatty
    Date: 19 June @ 6pm
    Location: Kim Beazley
    RSVP here

  • Kings Park Seminar - The effects of urbanisation on trapdoor spiders in Perth

    Date: Thursday 15 June
    Time: 4.00pm
    Presenter: Leanda Mason, PhD Candidate, Curtin University
    Title: The effects of urbanisation on trapdoor spiders in Perth
    Where: Biodiversity Conservation Centre - Kings Park (map:
    See the attached flyer.