Information for Postgraduate research students

Undertaking Masters, Professional Doctorate, Research Masters with training or PhD studies is a challenging but ultimately very rewarding experience. You will be given the opportunity to take your research skills to the next level and to develop the proficiency and knowledge required for your future career.

What to expect? You will:

  • Drive your passion further - investigate and explore your favourite subject under the guidance of your supervisor and look back on what you have achieved.
  • Learn to work independently – while developing your own research skills, you will also learn to anticipate and deal with problems, and build the confidence to creatively find solutions.
  • Learn to be part of a team – you will work cooperatively with others and develop ethical standards necessary for your future professional life.
  • Develop communication skills – learn how to effectively interpret scientific data, to communicate both scientific and non-scientific concepts and how to adapt them to your audience.
  • Develop interdisciplinary knowledge – by expanding your knowledge in your chosen subject, you will gain a better understanding of how it relates to a range of related disciplines, from a local and global perspective.

Current research projects for students

Links to Scholarships

Steps to apply

Please note that the standard closing date for PhD Scholarship applications is 30 September for international and domestic students. However, applications for Admission are open all year round.

You can also check your eligibility by contacting the Graduate Research Office.