Our Courses

All of the undergraduate majors and postgraduate courses offered by The School of Veterinary and Life Sciences are supported by research themes that are of world standard or better. All of them will help you find and progress in your chosen career, whether that be a career in the laboratory or in the field. Some of our courses explore the molecular basis of life and medicine, while others are at the opposite end of the scale and concerned with plants and animals, and the environments in which they live; environments that can be terrestrial or marine. In other cases the emphasis is on production animals (cows, sheep and pigs), their health and treatment, or upon human health. The area of One Health brings all of this together through the study of human, animal and environmental health.

If you have an interest in research you can start to explore that interest from the beginning of second year with the new unit "Research in the Physical and Life Sciences" and from there into a following third year unit, and then the honours year when you will be undertaking your own research and making your own discoveries.

Our Scholarships

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