Murdoch University currently owns farm land in 3 locations; on the South Street Campus (51 hectare on-campus “Vet Farm”), at Mundijong (40 hectare “Mundijong Farm”) and Mundijong (80 hectare “Mardella Farm”).

Some of the land is irrigated and some is dry land. Managers live on-site as these are working farms. Animal waste (compost) is used as a natural fertiliser; fodder (hay) is produced and animals are rotated from farm to farm for spelling. There are horse, sheep, pig and cattle handling facilities, a cattle feedlot, a Fish Health Unit, grain silos and fodder storage facilities.

Teaching and student learning activities that take place on the farm include the following: animal handling, clinical examination of animals, breeding soundness examination, pregnancy diagnosis, hoof trimming and collection of samples for laboratory testing.

The farm is also used for pasture walks enabling students to assess pasture type, quality and availability. Another important learning activity on the Vet Farm involves students preparing cattle for the led-steer and carcass competitions at the Perth Royal Show each September.

The farms are stocked with approximately 94 Breeder cows, 360 Sheep, 47 Horses, 57 pigs, 5 alpaca and 7 goats.

Each year animals are provided from the farms for 317 Murdoch University Animal Ethics Committee approved teaching classes. Staff and students from the Veterinary Science, Animal Science, Environmental Science, and Biomedical courses use this valuable resource.

Murdoch University Veterinary farm