School of law

Seeking Arbitrators for IMLAM 2022

3rd July – 8th July 2022

Can you assist the 2022 competition by acting as volunteer arbitrator?

We are seeking legal practitioners, arbitrators and members of the maritime industry, both in Asia and beyond, to assist us with this exciting and prestigious competition. We know that the students value the support of the professionals who act as arbitrators during the moots. The presentation of their oral arguments is the culmination of months of effort and the pinnacle of the competition.

Arbitrators will be provided with a bench brief summarising the issues well before the event. Issues of arbitration practice are involved, as well as commercial law. Arbitrators need not have an understanding of maritime law. Each panel will be allocated at least one member who is a maritime law specialist.

In 2022, the competition will be held virtually using the Zoom platform. Volunteer arbitrators will need a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam in order to participate.

To enable us to schedule the moots, please indicate the windows you are available by filling up the form given below. All the times mentioned are GMT+800 (Singapore).

I am willing to assist by acting as an arbitrator in the 2022 International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot Singapore.

Please follow us on twitter to watch the news as the competition progresses: @IMLAMMurdoch, #IMLAM2022.