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Murdoch School of Law Facilities

A unique opportunity exists to assist the Murdoch University School of Law. Your financial support will be a major factor in maintaining the highest possible standards of legal education and practice in our community.

The School of Law has already established an enviable reputation in legal education in its 26 years. From its first five graduating classes the School has already produced a Rhodes Scholar, a Fulbright Scholar, a Lionel Murphy Scholar and several winners of the Rotary Graduate Fellowship.

Former Dean, Justice Ralph Simmonds, saw the need for a new Law Building which would incorporate the finest teaching facilities with a modern electronic moot court, and thus set up The Building Law at Murdoch Campaign. The Campaign received significant support from individuals and law firms across Australia.

Associate Professor Dr Christopher Kendall, who succeeded Professor Simmonds as Dean of the Law School, continued to manage the building project. He was involved in the School's fundraising efforts and was Dean when the new building was officially opened on 22 July 2004.

Sufficient funds were raised to allow the University’s Senate to approve the new Law School Building. On Monday, 31 March 2004, at a ceremony held on the site of the new building, the Chief Justice of Western Australia, the Hon Justice David Malcolm, ‘turned the sod’ to mark this important moment in the life of the School of Law.

At the celebration of The Official Opening of the New School of Law Building on Thursday, 22 July 2004, Sir Ronald Wilson and the Hon Chief Justice David K Malcolm, Murdoch School of Law patrons, unveiled the plaque commemorating the Official Opening.

The School’s history has been one of energy, enthusiasm and practical innovation, in partnership with those our work serves. The campaign is the latest expression of that tradition. The school now needs to build upon this tradition in order to provide a superior legal education to our students. To continue providing quality education in the future and to meet professional and community needs, the School requires the right resources and facilities that are crucial to any good law school.