School of law

Continuing Professional Development

Murdoch University, School of Law is an approved Legal Education Provider for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. All of our CPD activities are conducted at the University Campus and wherever possible in the Law school and associated facilities, such as the Herbert Smith Freehills lecture Theatre & Electronic Moot Court.

We have about 10 relevant CPD activities per year

  • Attending a special lecture (presented by an expert) for a relevant topic
  • Presenting a lecture as part of the LLB course
  • Attending a conference organised by the Murdoch Law School
  • Presenting at a conference organised by the Murdoch Law School
  • Guest special presentations on a “hot topic”
  • Judges of a Mooting competition
  • Not for award – short courses (attending series of lectures)

CPD is available to all practising lawyers.

  • Competency Areas

    • Our CPD program includes coverage over the four competency areas:
      • Practice Management
      • Professional Skills
      • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
      • Substantive Law
    CPD points are awarded in regard to the Legal Practice Board Guidelines
  • Point Allocation

    Allocation of points against competency areas

    The school follows the guidelines provided by the Legal Practice Board in how the allocation against competency areas is applied. This is managed by the School of Law CPD Director. In the event of a conference or special guest presentation where an invitation is issued and that points are awarded, a note stating that “CPD are available for this event is included on the invitation”.
  • CPD Application form

    All CPD point requests are required to complete an application form with details of the activity and the hours. Wherever possible this form this must be signed and handed in the day the activity occurs to the activity coordinator, or via email to

  • Records of Attendance and Application

    The School of Law maintains a register of attendee applications for all CPD points awarded. This is made available to the Legal Practice Board for audit purposes.