Murdoch Commission

Themes and recommendations

Food security is a vast field and a detailed analysis of all its aspects were beyond the scope of the Commission’s inquiry. The Final Report and Recommendations address the main issues impacting food security as they have arisen during the Commission’s research and consultations, and on the basis of where the combined expertise of the Commission could add the greatest value.

Similarly the scenario study was not designed as a quantitative, predictive study of Asia’s food future. The scenarios provided a guide to the Commission’s qualitative thinking about the inherent uncertainties in Asia’s future, and what actions can be taken to mitigate some of the foreseeable risks to food security in the region in 2035. The hope is to make a helpful contribution to food security debates, and to encourage further positive action around the challenges and opportunities that the region collectively faces.

The Commission’s work program and the chapters of its Final Report are structured around the following themes: