Murdoch Commission

The Second Murdoch Commission

Asia has made significant progress towards reducing poverty and food insecurity, and many countries in the region have achieved food security in the short term. Eliminating food insecurity altogether is a long-term issue however, and there is growing concern regarding Asia’s ability to provide adequate quantities of safe, nutritious and good quality food in the face of increasing population pressure, urbanisation, and environmental deficits.

The issue of food security as a complex, context-dependent and shared concern formed the starting point of the Second Murdoch Commission (SMC). A core task was to investigate how contemporary food security in Asia is embedded in increasingly interdependent food systems, and to answer the question how best can Asia feed itself over the coming two decades?

Launched in October 2014 and entitled Food security, trade and partnerships: Towards resilient regional food systems in Asia, the Commission has undertaken a series of consultations and field trips in Australia and the region, travelling to China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia for discussions with key organisations and individuals across a range of sectors. The Commission’s themes of inquiry included production system productivity, trade, investment, regional frameworks, and innovation systems for food security.

Together with its broader research, the Commission’s consultations and field trips formed a valuable evidence base and source of insights for its Final report and recommendations, which were launched in Singapore on 2 December 2015.

The full report and copies of the Executive Summary and recommendations translated into Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Vietnamese are now available.

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