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The Murdoch Commission comprises two major inquiries addressing contemporary policy challenges. It has brought together senior practitioners, international experts and thought leaders from Australia and around the globe to work on pressing problems and issues of public concern.

In keeping with the University’s commitment to quality research and teaching in public policy at both the national and international levels, the Commission and its reports are exercises in applied public policy informed by rigorous scholarly research and analytical thinking.

The Commission’s second major international inquiry Launched in October 2014 is entitled Food security, trade and partnerships: Towards resilient regional food systems in Asia. The Commission’s themes of inquiry included production system productivity, trade, investment, regional frameworks, and innovation systems for food security. Together with its broader research, the Commission’s consultations and field trips formed a valuable evidence base and source of insights for its Final report and recommendations, which were launched in Singapore on 2 December 2015.

The First Murdoch Commission, entitled Western Australia and the evolving Regional order: Challenges and opportunities, completed its deliberations and published its Final Report in November 2013.

Second Murdoch Commission

Learn more about the Second Murdoch Commission.

Learn more about the Second Murdoch Commission.

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Learn about the Murdoch Commission's guiding principles and purpose

Learn about the Murdoch Commission's guiding principles and purpose.


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Contact the Murdoch Commission Secretariat.