Murdoch University is committed to ensuring our community is free from sexual assault and sexual harassment, collectively referred to at Murdoch as sexual harm.

Sexual harm is unfortunately prevalent across society, including within university communities. At Murdoch we do not tolerate sexual harm. The University takes a trauma-informed approach to responding to incidents of sexual harm, which is reflected in our Sexual Harm Policy.

Murdoch, along with other Australian institutions, is part of an initiative to address sexual harm amongst university students. The initiative is aimed at raising awareness about sexual harm and ensuring appropriate support services are available and accessible.

In 2021, Universities Australia conducted a National Student Safety Survey. The survey measured the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment experiences among students at Australian universities. Murdoch students participated in this survey, and these are the findings from the survey.

The University is proud of what we have achieved so far, but we recognise there is always room for improvement. We are committed to our action plan to reduce sexual harm and will continue to put measures in place to further increase student safety – now and into the future.

We understand conversations about the National Student Safety Survey and its results can be distressing for members of our University community. If you would like to speak to somebody for support, a range of confidential resources are available to you. Find out where to get support.

NSSS 2021 report

The report details the findings of the 2021 NSSS for Murdoch University students.

What is Murdoch doing to address sexual harm?

Murdoch University takes sexual assault, and sexual harassment seriously. The University has established a Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Group to implement a number of initiatives to protect and support our students and staff.

The University has already implemented a number of these, including:

  • Confidential disclosure of incidents by students or staff via an online form, or through the Murdoch Safe app, to appropriately trained staff who can provide support and help you create a formal report if you wish to do so.
  • Specialised education to assist staff in effectively responding to disclosure of sexual harm incidents, including the processes and procedures around disclosure, reporting and outcomes.
  • Improvement of CCTV coverage and lighting.
  • Information for students and staff about what to do if you or someone you know who has experienced an incident of sexual harm.
  • Bystander training available to staff and students to help them effectively intervene in incidents of harassment and discrimination.
  • Incidental Counsellor training and an eLearning module to assist staff to respond to disclosures and support students in distress.
  • Mandatory consent training for students living in campus accommodation.
  • A new Sexual Harm Policy, developed and supported through procedures relevant to Australian and transnational campus locations. The policy and procedures are trauma informed and draw on best practice.

Where to get support

Find out where you can get help if you have experienced, witnessed or been informed of sexual harm.

All support services listed are confidential and will not be linked with your academic record or your visa to study in Australia.

Remember, you are not alone and will be supported.

Immediate safety

In an emergency, call 000 (triple zero) for Ambulance, Police or Fire services.

Then call Murdoch University Security to escort emergency services on campus and help them locate the emergency:

Perth campus +61 8 9360 7333

Mandurah campus +61 8 9582 5555

Rockingham campus +61 8 9553 7333

Crisis support and counselling

Get immediate specialist medical, counselling and forensic support 24/7 for an assault within the past 14 days at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC).

Get urgent mental health, counselling and crisis support with these services:

On campus, the Murdoch University Medical Service and Murdoch University Counselling Service provide a range of services for students and staff. Both services can usually offer appointments within two working days, and the Medical service provides walk-in appointments with the university nurse for urgent situations.

Submit a report to the Police by calling +61 8 9428 1600 and/or the University via our online portal or MurdochSafe app.

You can make a confidential disclosure to a specialist staff member and get support regarding your safety, wellbeing and reporting options.

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