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Teaching and Unit Evaluations

The Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy states that:

“Unit evaluations will be administered at transnational locations in accordance with University policy. The results of surveys shall be reported to the Unit Coordinator, the TNE Dean, the School Dean and the Affiliate Staff with teaching responsibilities.” (Clause 5.1)

“The opportunity for conducting Teaching Evaluations should be available for Affiliate Staff in the TNE environment.” (Clause 5.2)

Murdoch’s Transnational Course Agreements with Transnational Partners also includes a provision for the Transnational Partner to request that students complete unit and teaching evaluations in accordance with Murdoch’s requirements as advised by Murdoch from time to time.

Currently, unit surveys will be conducted for TNE units with at least 10 student enrolments. Teaching surveys will only be conducted upon request by the Unit Coordinator. Results of the unit surveys will be made available to the Unit Coordinator. The Affiliate Lecturer who is being evaluated will receive the results of the teaching surveys. The School Dean and the TNE Deans will receive the summarised results of both the unit and teaching surveys.