VLS Announcements 040 - 5 June 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to issue 040 of our weekly announcements.

This is the last teaching week for first semester which has been as busy or busier than ever. Well done everyone. Once the examination period is over conference season will be upon us and we will get a chance to recharge our batteries for the second half of the year. The School's awards have already been announced and celebrated at the Whole-of-School meeting. Formal presentation was on the 10th June. The School and its staff continue to excel in research and teaching as the Acting Vice-Chancellor noted in his presentation. We should also acknowledge the achievements of those who have not received an award this year, but may well do so in future years. We have a critical mass of both innovative researchers and excellent teachers who are all well supported by our professional and technical staff.

For anyone that was not able to make the Veterinary and Life Sciences School meeting last week you can access the recording here [link expired]


David Hampson

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  • ARC College of Experts in 2016: Nominations are open (reminder) - Message from Jane Crier

    We are seeking nominations for appointment to the ARC College of Experts in 2016 from suitably qualified and experienced individuals in all disciplines, and strong emphasis will be placed on multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary expertise. Members to the ARC College play a critical role in the ARC funding allocation process however it also requires a significant commitment of time.

    The ARC requires that nominees employed by Murdoch University must be nominated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Development). Nominations will be submitted electronically via the Office of Research & Development, the ARC will not accept nominations made directly from nominees (excepting those submitting as self-employed).

    Applications are due to by 16th June 2014 to provide time for review, obtain relevant approvals and submit the nominations to the ARC by their deadline on the 23rd June 2015 by 5pm (AEST). I am happy to support nominees with writing the application content.

    Please refer to the Nomination Kit and Nomination Form:

    Nominees to note,

    • Members of the ARC College of Experts are appointed for one year with annual extensions (subject to performance review) for a maximum appointment period of three years.
    • An induction workshop is scheduled for November 2015 in Canberra and successful nominees must be available to commence in November 2015, to assign and assess proposals for funding, as well as be available for one or two selection meetings held in Canberra each year.
    • Membership of the College requires a significant time commitment, including working to specified, non-negotiable timeframes. The College meet in Canberra for one week in April-May and one week in August-September each year to recommend proposals for funding under the NCGP funding schemes. Appointees must be available to attend at least one of these meetings each year and undertake assignments, assessments and moderations in preparation for the meetings.
    • The number of meetings per year and the volume of assignments and assessments per year are subject to negotiation.
    • Members of the ARC College will be remunerated sitting fees and reading rates. Sitting fees are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal and received per day for meetings attended. The reading rate is up to $100 per proposal.
    • There may be instances where additional assessments for proposals are required at short notice where insufficient assessments has been received through the normal external assessor process.
    • The ARC will cover reasonable travel costs for the attendance of selection meetings in Canberra.

    If you have any questions regarding the ARC College of Experts Nominations, please contact me direct.

    Jane Crier

    Manager, Research Grants and Contract Services
    Research and Development Office

    Tel: (+618) 9360 2970
    Mobile: 0417 415 694

  • How do YOU value the Kimberley coast? Complete a survey - Message from Jennifer Strickland-Munro

    036 -  Kimberley coast.jpg

    Researchers are exploring how people value the Kimberley coastline and marine environment. An online survey was recently launched seeking stakeholder input to help guide future management of the unique and beautiful region. The survey asks people to place markers on a Google maps interface to show where and how they value the coast, as well as what kind of management they wish to see in the future.

    The research aims to assist Government to make informed decisions about coastal management, now and into the future, and will provide spatially explicit data to inform planning and management. The survey is part of the WA government’s $30m Kimberley Marine Research Program (KMRP) administered by the WA Marine Science Institution (WAMSI).

    We want to hear from as many different people as possible through the survey. Every voice counts! Just click on the link:

    The survey will take around 25-30 minutes and all information given is anonymous. There is also a small thank you gift once you finish the survey but these are limited so get in quick.

    Have your say about how you would like to see the Kimberley coast managed in the future.

    Please contact Jennifer Strickland-Munro ( if you would like any more information.

  • Safety reminder – Occupational Safety and Health in the Laboratory - Message from Marilyn Davies

    Wearing your laboratory coat in a laboratory is a requirement at all times.
    Please be mindful.  OSH will be spot checking !

    Thank you

    Marilyn , Technical Resources Manager

  • Vote to help fund the Murdoch Veterinary Student Association’s 'SOS Mental Health First Aid Course’ Bankwest Easy Grants Application - Message from the Murdoch Veterinary Student Association

    Please help the Murdoch Veterinary Student Association support the mental health of its students by voting for their Bankwest grant proposal, which could give them $1000 to help start up a mental health and first aid course. See flyer for further information.

    Link to vote here:

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Veterinary and Life Sciences staff visit Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre and Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre  

    On the 22 May a group of staff from Veterinary and Life Sciences visited both Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre and Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    We were extremely fortunate to be guided through the grounds at both Kaarakin and Kanyana by Associate Professor Kris Warren, along with the dedicated volunteers and staff that help run both of these amazing facilities.

    Whilst at Kaarakin we were able to see both our students and staff in action undertaking some hands on research with the Cockatoos, including the placing of state of the art transmitters on one of the resident Cockatoos at the facility ‘Chasey’ the Carnaby's Cockatoo.

    Chasey has his own twitter account for anyone interested on his worldly views as a Cockatoo! (just click on his picture below).

    040 - Chasey.png
    Chasey the Carnaby's Cockatoo

    040 - Dr Yeap placing transmitter.JPG
    Dr Lian Yeap placing the transmitter on Chasey’s feathers

    040 - Dr Yeap securing transmiter.JPG
    Dr Lian Yeap securing the transmitter to Chasey’s feathers

    We also spent time in the interactive enclosure where we were able to photograph and get up close and personal with these magnificent birds. Many of the resident Cockatoos in the enclosure were very tame and happily flew down from their various perches to sit on our shoulders and have a scratch and the occasional ‘finger nibble’. Most of us agreed that we could have spent all day hanging out in the sunshine with them!

    040 - Cockatoo 2.jpg

    040 - Sarah & cockatoo.JPG

    040 - feathers up.JPG

    040 - Cockatoo.JPG

    040 -  Kiara.JPG

    040 - Emma & cockatoo.JPG

    After our visit to Kaarakin we made our way to Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre where we were able to walk through their specialised fauna rehabilitation facilities, meet a rather cheeky emu and spend some quality time with this amazing little critter!

    040 - Echidna front.JPG

    040 - Echidna full.JPG

    Our sincere thanks to Kris, and all of the staff and volunteers at both Kaarakin and Kanyana for having us, we had a wonderful day.

    If anyone would like to see the entire set of photos taken on the day please feel free to access them on the Veterinary and Life Sciences 'Public' shared drive - the photos are in a folder called 'Kaarakin and Kanyana Visit'.

    (If you do not already have access to this folder - you will need to map the drive to access the Public folder - please email Sarah at for assistance with drive mapping).

  • Cultural Awareness and Equity training for staff - Message from Organisational Capability

    Please find below details of training sessions scheduled for ‘Aboriginal Cultural Awareness’, ‘Cultural Intelligence’ and equity which is being offered to staff.

    Cultural Intelligence

    Introduction to Cultural Intelligence (CQ) 7 hrs 09.00 15-SEP-2015 15-SEP-2015 3 6 - 16 South Street Chancellery 3.001B 10-SEP-2015 Confirmed

    Cultural Intelligence in Action 3 hrs 09.00 16-JUN-2015 16-JUN-2015 10 6 - 16 South Street Chancellery 3.001B
    Cultural Intelligence in Action 3 hrs 09.00 17-SEP-2015 17-SEP-2015 0 6 - 16 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040

    Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 09.00 17-JUN-2015 17-JUN-2015 2 6 - 12 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040
    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 13.00 17-JUN-2015 17-JUN-2015 2 6 - 12 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040
    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 09.00 13-AUG-2015 13-AUG-2015 0 6 - 12 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040
    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 13.00 13-AUG-2015 13-AUG-2015 0 6 - 12 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040
    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 09.00 08-OCT-2015 08-OCT-2015 0 6 - 12 South Street To Be Advised
    Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 3.5 hrs 13.00 08-OCT-2015 08-OCT-2015 0 6 - 12 South Street To Be Advised


    Disability Services for Students on Campus 1.5 hr 12.30 29-JUL-2015 29-JUL-2015 0 6 - 20 South Street Flexible Teaching & Learning Room - Lib NW 4.040 27-JUL-2015

    To enrol, please access TCMS at

    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Sue Senior
    Learning & Development Officer | Organisational Capability Unit

  • Proposed Restructure of the Rockingham Campus FC2 – Message from Susan Ashcroft, Interim Associate Director, Client Services & Information Access

    Following the distribution of the Formal Consultation Paper One and the consultation period with staff, the attached document forms the Second Formal Consultation Paper. This document is intended to provide a proposal for change by Murdoch University in terms of our withdrawal as Senior Administrative Partner of the Rockingham Campus Library and affected Murdoch staff.

    We would welcome any comments you might have in writing to be submitted to Hannah Begg is available to advise on any HR queries at

    This second consultation period will close 14 June 2015.

  • Third issue of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association e-Newsletter

    Please see here for the third issue of the CVA e-Newsletter. The theme of this issue is "From little things, big things grow".

  • New Travel Systems & Procurement Contact - Vikki SCHIPPER - Message from Victoria Stein

    Hello All,

    I have accepted a 5 month internal secondment which commences next week. As a result, your main contact person for travel systems support will be changing.

    I am delighted to advise that Vikki SCHIPPER will be your Travel Systems & Procurement Officer and the ‘go-to’ person for issues relating to Trobexis, Amadeus and other travel related reporting queries during this time.

    We are currently undergoing handover of the travel systems and from next week Vikki will be located in the AUS2 transportable (with the FST) and contactable on ext.2600 (preferred) or ext.6165, plus the email.

    Vikki is no stranger to Murdoch, having been part of the Finance Office team for quite some time. She is already familiar with our Travel Policy and has previous experience with other systems support and training. I have no doubt that Vikki will provide you with great customer service going forward.

    Any queries please let me know.

    Thank you for your support!

    Kind Regards,

    Victoria Stein

    Travel Systems & Procurement Officer
    Finance Office
    Murdoch University
    Phone: (08) 9360 6165

  • Accommodation Available at Murdoch University Village

    Do you have guest visiting Murdoch for research? Coming to complete an exam? Do you offer relocation assistance?

    Murdoch University Village is offering a range of affordable temporary apartments for both large groups and individuals.
    Self-catered apartments from $65.00 per night. Group discounts available.
    From 3 nights, Murdoch University Village provides a range of self-contained five-bedroom apartments. Each contains lockable private bedrooms with two shared bathrooms, a large kitchen and a spacious living area.
    Car parking, an outdoor swimming pool, BBQ area, sporting facilities and TV rooms are conveniently located on-site.
    The Village is only minutes from class and a 15-minute taxi ride from the attractions of the Perth CBD. A bus stop just outside the reception offers regular buses going directly to Perth CBD, Fremantle CBD and other surrounding areas.
    To find out more, click here or see here for flyer.

    Phone: 08 9360 2909

    040 - 15-4-2015 MUR 005.jpg

    040 - 15-4-2015 MUR 094.jpg

    040 - 15-4-2015 MUR 135.jpg

    040 - 15-4-2015 MUR 148.jpg

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Perkin Elmer Life Sciences Overview (Tues 9 June 4pm BSLT) – Message from Wayne Greene

    Please see flyer for details on an informal seminar by Perkin Elmer which will provide a systematic overview of their Life Science offerings.

    Topics will cover Genomic Analysis, Imaging and Pathology, Biomarkers, Targeted Small Molecules and Cellular Imaging.

    The seminar will be held on Tuesday, June 9 at 4pm in the Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre.

  • 'An evening of blue water science' 17th June 5:30 pm, Kim Beazley LT - Message from Lynnath Beckley

    Please see flyer for full details.

    The evening will feature:

    • The visiting Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Fellow, Professor Michael Landry of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
    • Dr Barbara Muhling, former Murdoch student, now at Princeton University, USA
    • Mr Ron Plaschke, manager of the Australian Marine National Facility and the new Research Vessel Investigator
    • Drinks and snacks in Club Murdoch afterwards

    RSVP essential

  • IIID Presentation by Kaija Strautins on Wednesday 10 June at 11am - Message from Deb Robertson

    Our next presentation will be by Ms Kaija Strautins from the Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Murdoch University on Wednesday 10 June at 11am.

    The title of the presentation is “Investigating the role of Epstein-Barr Virus in the pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis”.

    Please see attached flyer for further information.


    Deborah Robertson
    Practice Manager
    Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases|Murdoch University
    IIID, Building 390, Discovery Way Murdoch University,

  • Event - 'Learning Spaces in the Digital Age' - Message from Professor Sara de Freitas

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are delighted to invite you to our next Second Wednesday event on Learning Spaces in the Digital Age.

    Following from our successful Learner retention event in May, our June event will be turning the light of focus onto our Learning Spaces. Where we teach and learn can have a significant impact upon our student experience. In general the use of our spaces is moving away from large lectures towards smaller group work, team teaching and activity led learning. To support this, the university has a vision to upgrade our spaces, providing more flexible reconfigurable spaces for our teaching. We also have a commitment in our strategy Changing Minds and Lives to improving the quality of our digital spaces including upgrading our learning management system and providing more opportunities for educational technology support and training. This event will bring together speakers including: Steve Dickson (Senior Executive Director, Murdoch), Lucas Pevy (Learning Technologies Manager, Pearson), Simon Avenell (PwC), Gordon Bateup (ACORPP) to discuss our physical and digital spaces and to outline our vision for the future learning spaces at Murdoch University.

    The event will be held on Wednesday, 10th June, 12-2pm in ECL 2.031 Postgraduate Room and include refreshments and networking.

    If you would like to join us then please email Annie Yeo directly at

    We look forward to welcoming you here on 10th June.

    Best wishes,


    Professor Sara de Freitas
    Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching
    Murdoch University
    90 South Street,
    Western Australia
    WA 6150

  • Knowledge Translation and Exchange Short Course - Message from Alli MacKinnon

    Please see flyer for further information on this course.

VLS Announcements No. 040