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Dr Joshua Aleri
Dr Joshua Aleri Email me My profile
9360 2255Lecturer in Production Animal Health and ManagementVet Surgical Centre2.112
Associate Professor Anne Barnes Email me 9360 2643Associate Professor TheriogenologyVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.033
Dr Melinda Bell Email me 9360 7344Lecturer in Small Animal Primary CareVet Surgical Centre2.109
Dr Nicolette Binz Email me 9360 7824Personal AssistantVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.049
Mrs Carissa Blagaich Email me 9360 1458Veterinary NurseVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.065
Associate Professor John Bolton Email me 9360 2621Associate Professor Physiology and Large Animal MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.031
Dr Mieghan Bruce
Dr Mieghan Bruce Email me My profile
9360 2459Lecturer Veterinary EpidemiologyVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.015
Dr Mandy Burrows
Dr Mandy Burrows Email me My profile
9360 6824Associate Professor in Small Animal MedicineVet Surgical Centre2.115
Associate Professor Martin Cake
Associate Professor Martin Cake Email me My profile
9360 2175Associate Professor Veterinary AnatomyVeterinary Biology1.007
Ms Melissa Claus
Ms Melissa Claus Email me My profile
9360 6527Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency Medicine and Critical CareVet Surgical Centre2.121
Dr Flaminia Coiacetto
Dr Flaminia Coiacetto Email me My profile
9360 2212Lecturer Veterinary PathologyVeterinary Biology2.010
Dr Teresa Collins
Dr Teresa Collins Email me My profile
9360 7307Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare and EthicsVeterinary Biology3.047
Miss Joanne Cruden Email me 9360 2436Veterinary Nurse (Diagnostic Imaging)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.059A
Dr Jen Davis
Dr Jen Davis Email me My profile
9360 6717Registrar (Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia)Small Animal Clinic1.052
Ms Karen Denholm Email me 9360 2660Senior Veterinarian (Small Animal Primary Care)Small Animal Clinic1.175
Ms Sue Dilley Email me 9360 7282Hospital Supply CoordinatorVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.011
Mrs Kathleen Dixey Email me 9360 2577ReceptionistVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.048
Ms Romy Duits Email me 9360 7326Nurse Coordinator (ECC)Small Animal Clinic1.166
Ms Rachel Evans Email me 9360 2357Dispensary OfficerVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.044
Associate Professor Mark Glyde
Associate Professor Mark Glyde Email me My profile
9360 2295Associate Professor Small Animal SurgeryVet Surgical Centre2.118
Miss Ann Graham Email me 9360 2588Charge Nurse in SurgeryVet Surgical Centre
Mr Robert Greening Email me 9360 2218Education OfficerVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.023
Dr Jill Griffiths Email me 9360 7345Veterinary Supervisor (ECC)Small Animal Clinic1.161
Dr Griet Haitjema Email me My profile 9360 6863Registrar (Anaesthesia and Critical Care)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.062
Ms Erica Honey Email me 9360 7345Nurse Supervisor (ECC)Small Animal Clinic1.161
Professor Giselle Hosgood
Professor Giselle Hosgood Email me My profile
9360 2265Professor in Small Animal SurgeryVet Surgical Centre2.119
Dr Tim Hyndman Email me My profile 9360 7348Lecturer in Veterinary PharmacologyVeterinary Biology3.030
Associate Professor Pete Irons
Associate Professor Pete Irons Email me My profile
9360 6794Veterinary Program DirectorVet Surgical Centre2.107
Dr Bethany Jackson
Dr Bethany Jackson Email me My profile
9360 7418Lecturer in Wildlife Health and EpidemiologyVeterinary Biology3.050
Dr Khama Kelman Email me My profile 9360 2177Lecturer in Veterinary AnatomyVeterinary Biology1.008
Dr Kathrin Langner Email me 9360 7502Senior Registrar Small Animal MedicineVet Surgical Centre2.113
Dr Michael Laurence
Dr Michael Laurence Email me My profile
9360 2645Senior Lecturer Production Animal HealthVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.097
Associate Professor Guy Lester Email me My profile 9360 7676Associate Professor in Large Animal MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.127
Miss Jennie Lilley Email me 9360 7334Referral Reception and Accounts CoordinatorVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.048A
Ms Yvonne Markey Email me 9360 2517Nurse ManagerVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.051
Dr Martina Mosing
Dr Martina Mosing Email me My profile
9360 2641Senior Lecturer Veterinary AnaesthesiaVet Surgical Centre2.116
Associate Professor David Murphy
Associate Professor David Murphy Email me My profile
9360 6317Associate Professor in Equine SurgeryVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.066
Dr Mark Newman Email me My profile 9360 2735Lecturer in Small Animal SurgeryVet Surgical Centre2.116
Dr Kevin O'Leary Email me 9360 7361Registrar Production Animal MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.101
Mrs Shiromi Piyasena Email me 9360 1340Business Support Officer (IT)Small Animal Clinic1.052
Mrs Shiromi Piyasena Email me 0404062005Business Support Officer (IT)Small Animal Clinic1.052
Dr Anthea Raisis Email me My profile 9360 2672Senior Lecturer Veterinary AnaesthesiaVet Surgical Centre2.105
Dr Jennifer Richardson Email me My profile 9360 2475Lecturer - Diagnostic ImagingVet Surgical Centre2.110
Associate Professor Ken Richardson Email me 9360 2177Emeritus Associate ProfessorVeterinary Biology1.008
Dr Cynthia Robveille Email me 9360 1295Registrar in Veterinary PathologyVeterinary Biology2.008
Ms Michelle Roman Email me 9360 6182Administrative AssistantVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.050
Dr Gabriele Rossi
Dr Gabriele Rossi Email me My profile
9360 2418Senior Lecturer Veterinary Clinical PathologyVeterinary Biology2.007
Mrs Michelle Rouffignac Email me My profile 9360 7499Veterinary Nurse - Blood Bank CoordinatorVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.087
Dr Herbert Rovay Email me 9360 2642Production Animal Veterinarian ( Lecturer)Veterinary Clinical Sciences2.032
Miss Dani Sanders Email me 9360 2436Technical Coordinator (Diagnostic Imaging)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.059A
Miss Rachel Scholten Email me SilentVeterinary Nurse (ECC)Small Animal Clinic1.062
Associate Professor Cristy Secombe
Associate Professor Cristy Secombe Email me My profile
9360 7553Associate Professor in Equine MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.065
Dr Claire Sharp Email me My profile 9360 7389Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Emergency and Critical CareVet Surgical Centre2.106
Ms Liz Shaw Email me 9360 7676Reception Coordinator (Equine)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.181
Dr Jill Shephard
Dr Jill Shephard Email me My profile
9360 7621Research AssociatePhysical Sciences3.033
Dr Rachael Smith9360 7676Senior LecturerVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.181
Mrs Susan Smith Email me 9360 2193Section Coordinator (Central Sterile Supply Department and Animal Welfare Worker)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.048
Dr Nahiid Stephens
Dr Nahiid Stephens Email me My profile
9360 2666LecturerVeterinary Biology2.005
Ms Karen Sutherland Email me 9360 2299Hospital Stores AssistantVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.011
Mr Warren Timpson Email me 9360 2431Practice ManagerVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.050A
Dr Rebecca Vaughan-Higgins
Dr Rebecca Vaughan-Higgins Email me My profile
9360 7526Associate Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.098
Associate Professor Kristin Warren
Associate Professor Kristin Warren Email me My profile
9360 2647Associate ProfessorVeterinary Clinical Sciences1.098
Ms Sierra Westbury Email me 9360 2436Senior Technologist (Diagnostic Imaging)Veterinary Clinical Sciences1.059A
Dr Lian Yeap
Dr Lian Yeap Email me My profile
9360 7289Associate Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation MedicineVeterinary Clinical Sciences2.030