Dr Simone Vitali

Adjunct Associate Professor - School of VLS
Senior Veterinarian Perth Zoo

Simone graduated with a BSc BVMS (Hons) from Murdoch University in 1990, after which she worked in mixed private practice in Albany for three years. Between 1993 and 1996 she undertook research at Murdoch University for her doctorate in avian physiology and anatomy, focusing on the metabolic physiology and pulmonary anatomy of native passerine birds, while also working part time as a locum veterinarian and as a university tutor and lecturer. After completing her PhD, Simone worked in a small animal practice in Perth and undertook regular locum work at Perth Zoo. In 1999 she was appointed Associate Veterinarian at Perth Zoo, and became the zoo’s Senior Veterinarian in 2005. In her capacity as Senior Veterinarian, Simone coordinates all veterinary clinical work, teaching and research undertaken at the Veterinary Department of Perth Zoo. She is also responsible for all aspects of Departmental management, including hospital management, direction of clinical activities, staffing, budgeting and strategic planning.