Dr Richard Jakob-Hoff

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of VLS
Senior Veterinarian New Zealand Centre for Conservation

Dr. Richard Jakob-Hoff BSc (Hons), BVMS (Hons), MACVS (Wildlife Medicine) is Senior Veterinarian responsible for conservation and research at the New Zealand Centre for Conservation (NZCCM), Auckland Zoo. A 1981 Murdoch graduate, he has a long background in captive wildlife management in Europe and Australasia, was the first Australian intern in avian medicine and surgery and, for over three years, was Curator/Veterinarian at Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo, NSW). He joined the staff at Auckland Zoo in 1989. His passion is nurturing collaborative relationships in support of wildlife conservation. In New Zealand he has fostered partnerships with a wide range of community and government conservation agencies, particularly the Department of Conservation. His research interests are centred on the establishment of baseline wildlife health and disease prevalence data and the application of this data to disease risk management. Richard is also committed to increasing the pool of people with expertise in wildlife health and conservation medicine and was the driver behind the establishment of the NZCCM whose objectives include community education and the training of both undergraduate and post-graduate students.