School of
Veterinary and
Life Sciences

Meet the Students

Megan Allsopp.jpg

Megan Allsopp

“We have always had pets and been taught that they are a member of the family and to treat them like you would like to be treated.”

Stephanie Austin.jpg

Stephanie Austin

“Before I had any physical pets, there were pet rocks, imaginary pets, and my favourite teddy was constantly having ‘surgery’ for some reason”

Susie Clohessy.jpg

Susie Clohessy

“Final year exams are pretty frightening”

Erin Kelly.jpg

Erin Kelly

“It’s hard to explain what a 600kg horse having a seizure in a 5m by 5m concrete box looks like, but it was pretty scary!”

Chris McComiskie.jpg

Chris McComiskie

“It was so daunting and difficult to comprehend how we would manage to learn such a ridiculous amount of content in a 2 week period!”

Berit Owen.jpg 

Berit Owen

“Nothing short of death was going to make me quit uni”

 Peter Ricci.jpg

Peter Ricci

“So much effort and so much time comes down to just a few hours writing on a bit of paper”

 Jade Ridsdale.jpg

Jade Ridsdale

“Knowing that someone out there most likely loved this animal as much as I love my own and if anything went wrong how terrible I would feel. THAT was terrifying!”

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