Admissions Process

Admission to the 5 year integrated BSc, DVM at Murdoch University is a competitive process. We welcome applications from school leavers and from those who are doing or have done prior tertiary study. Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia who are external to the university apply through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC), while international students apply through International Admissions , Academic Registrar’s Office of the university. Students currently studying at Murdoch University apply internally to transfer into the veterinary course.

Selection of Australian school leavers is on the basis of a high ATAR, and these students enter the first year (Part I) of the BSc (Veterinary Biology). Approximately one quarter of each year cohort will be selected directly from school. Providing that they pass all units in their first year at the first attempt, these selected students will be guaranteed progression into the second year of the BSc (Veterinary Biology) and, providing that they meet all progress requirements, the ensuing years of the veterinary course.

Australian students who have completed some tertiary study, and all international students, are selected on the following; the weighting for each parameter is in parentheses:

  • academic standing from previous university study; successful applicants generally have achieved a distinction average (greater than 70%) or better in their previous study (pre-tertiary study is not considered) (0.5);
  • a 500 word typed and signed personal statement about reasons for wanting to be a veterinarian, demonstrating appropriate and realistic understanding of a veterinary career, and explaining how past study and experiences would assist success in the veterinary course and as a veterinarian (0.3), and
  • evidence of recent, relevant, refereed animal-related experience, such as work experience with veterinarians (0.2).

Once an applicant is selected, the decision as to whether the student enters into first or second year of the BSc (Veterinary Biology) is determined by evaluation of the units completed in previous study to assess whether advanced standing can be granted.

The selection process is performed by the College of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Committee, assisted by academic assessors, who independently evaluate the applications and provide a ranking score. The academic assessors are selected from academic members of the college staff and those from within the School of VLS with a substantial involvement in teaching veterinary students. The Admissions Committee is comprised of the Chair, the College Principal, Academic Chairs of the BSc (Veterinary Biology) and the DVM programs, and three other academic members from the College, one of whom takes primary responsibility for coordinating the international admissions.

If you have further enquiries about admission to the veterinary program at Murdoch University, please send them to: