The Relationship between Personality and Workplace Type Preference in a Flexible Working Environment

Student Researchers: Anastasia Hernaman
Supervisor: Dr Graeme Ditchburn
Ethics approval: 2013/052

A survey was conducted to explore the relationships between extraversion, conscientiousness and workplace preferences in the context of an Activity-Based Work (ABW) environment. The 54 participants that responded to a sufficient portion of the questionnaire reported their preferences for interaction, auditory privacy, visual privacy and specific workplace types found within ABW organisations. During the analysis, participants were also sorted into two groups to determine whether or not privacy preferences differed significantly between managers and non-managers. The results indicate that extraversion is negatively related to a preference to work independently, and that a preference to work independently mediated the relationship between extraversion and a preference for a collaborative workplace type (Ned Kelly). In addition, non-managers prefer visual privacy significantly more than managers. Another noteworthy finding was that conscientiousness is negatively related to a preference for visual privacy. Due to the small sample size and newly constructed preferences measure, more research needs to be conducted to substantiate these findings.