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Social research group

The social psychology group is a large, vibrant, active, and eclectic group of academic staff and postgraduate students. The group has a wide variety of research interests, often with a focus on issues surrounding social justice and the applications of social psychology. The group does research on topics such as:

  • Group dynamics and organisational climate
  • Intercultural communication
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Psychosocial issues in medically assisted reproduction
  • Refugees, immigration, and resettlement
  • Self and identity
  • Stereotyping and prejudice

Cutting across these research interests is a multi-methodological expertise, with group members variously adopting and adapting experimental, survey, and discursive methods.

Staff members in the social research group

Name Main research interests
Guy Curtis The influence of anxiety on interpersonal judgments. Emotion and social judgments, impression formation; stereotyping; cross-cultural psychology; social dilemmas; and implicit social psychology.
Emma Thomas The role of identity and emotion in promoting collective action for social change (but particularly anti-poverty activism).