Clinical Research

Our research interests cover the broad field of clinical psychology. Examples are listed below, with links to personal researcher profiles for additional information.

Our research interests include:

  • studying the development of cognitive and empathic abilities in school aged children
  • clarifying and treating learning difficulties in children with behavioural problems such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
  • investigating the reliability and validity of assessing early maladaptive schemas in clinical populations
  • developing more effective treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety
  • investigation of the role of alexithymia in rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury
  • clarifying mechanisms of pain in complex regional pain syndrome and migraine headache
  • using cognitive behavioural techniques to treat addictive behaviours, relationship difficulties and other clinical problems
  • Forensic Mental Health Care and Service Provision
  • Comorbidity (including mental illness, substance misuse, and violence)
  • Development and Evaluation of Child and Family mental health interventions
  • Fetal development and pregnancy health
  • Developmental psychopathology

Staff members

Name Main research interests
Peter Drummond Psychophysiological investigation of social anxiety, anger and fear.
Mechanisms of pain in complex regional pain syndrome and migraine headache.
Andrew Lewis Has published on developmental aspects of depressive and psychotic disorders as well as perinatal and adolescent mental health. He has also undertaken clinical research developing and evaluating parenting and family based interventions by designing cohort studies and running clinical trials. Andrew has a strong interest in the interface between biological systems and the psycho-social environment as early determinants of mental disorders.
Amanda O'Donovan Has published on psychological issues related to sex, sexuality, gender identity and HIV. My research interests also include women’s health, reproductive medicine, chronic pain, sexual assault and trauma. I am interested in understanding the social and physical contexts in which distress occurs and therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness and compassion-focussed interventions.
Helen Correia Main teaching and research interests are generally in the area of clinical psychology, as well as in the use of technology to enhance clinical and educational outcomes. Recent research interests have focused on aging and mental health issues, especially in improving access to mental health services. This also includes an interest in the use of technology to improve access to treatment and enhance mental health outcomes.
Vance Locke I started my career as a social psychologist looking at the role of individual differences in the judgements people make of others. More recently I have become interested in the intersection of Social and Clinical psychology. Specifically the role of self-judgments in psychological disorders and the importance of group processes in sporting teams. I also have a strong interest in Psychological Medicine, including pain management and the importance of interdisciplinary team treatment programs and the role of illness in psychological wellbeing.
Alexandra Metse Research to date has surrounded the development and assessment of effective interventions, largely delivered within health care settings, to redress the disproportionate chronic disease burden experienced by vulnerable populations, including persons with a mental illness. Interventions target chronic disease risk behaviours: physical inactivity, suboptimal sleep, tobacco smoking, risky alcohol use and inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption.
Renita Almeida