Current Exercise Science Research

Research Staff members in Exercise Science

Name Main research interests
Alasdair Dempsey Sports Injury Prevention - This research involved identifying the neuromuscular biomechanical factors related to sports injuries and then developing specific training interventions to counter them. This work is undertaken in conjugation with Griffith University, Monash University, University of Ballart and The University of Western Australia ; Prevention of Knee Joint Osteoarthritis - This work focuses on the identification of mechanical factors behind the development of knee joint osteoarthritis and the development of intervention protocols
Brad Wall Exercise and Chronic Diseases, in particular Exercise and Prostate Cancer; Hydration and thermoregulatory responses to exercise in the heat
Investigations of the effectiveness and safety of manual and exercise interventions as well the role of paraspinal muscle morphology and function in the development of spinal pain; Pursuit of research questions with the potential to 1) enhance clinical decision-making for healthcare providers and 2) improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery for patients.
Jeremiah Peiffer High intensity exercise in elite athletes; High intensity exercise in chronic disease; The influence of exercise on Alzheimer’s Disease; The influence of environmental stress (i.e. heat) on performance in both athletes and the industrial sector; Sleep and athletic performance; The use of novel techniques to detect changes in the human blood profile
Musculoskeletal injury causation; Scale development and psychometric analysis utilising the Rasch measurement model
Sean Muller Expertise in sport; Motor skill learning in sport; Transfer of motor skill learning; Relearning of motor skills in movement disorders