School of law

Clinics for Students at SCALES

Our clinical program starts with an introductory unit that is taken by students in their second year. This unit develops the skills and knowledge necessary for legal practice. It prepares students for the ethical dimensions of legal practice and develops their professional judgement. Having completed the introductory unit, students then have a choice of clinics in different legal areas, such as Family Law, Human Rights or General Practice.

These clinics allow students to dive into real client work. Students will interview clients, undertake legal research, develop case theories and formulate advice. They may also assist in representation of clients, or in drafting of court documents, including pleadings and submissions. Finally, our students are able to continue work in the clinic after they have completed their law degree. The work they do as a graduate, through enrolment in a Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice, can be counted towards their practice requirements for admission.

For more information, please see Clinical Legal Education and Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice.

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