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Registration of Arbitrators

At this stage, it is our intent to hold the IMLAM competition as planned. However, our decision to continue as planned depends on a number of external factors including advice from the Singapore Ministry of Health and the Australian Government. We expect to make a decision about whether to proceed or change the event by late March. For arbitrators keen to organise travel arrangements, we encourage you to consider flexible fares or postpone booking until late March.

Can you assist the 2020 competition by volunteering to act as an arbitrator during the mock arbitrations in Singapore?

We are seeking members of the maritime industry and legal profession, both in Asia and beyond, to assist us with this exciting and prestigious competition. We know that the students value the support of the lawyers and arbitrators who act as arbitrators during the moots, as the presentation of their oral arguments is the culmination of months of effort and the pinnacle of the competition. Arbitrators will be provided with a bench brief summarising the issues well before the event. Issues of arbitration practice are involved, as well as commercial law. Arbitrators need not have an understanding of maritime law. Each panel will be allocated at least one member who is a maritime law specialist.

Based on the popularity of earlier moots, the competition will need the services of 18 arbitrators for each session for each of the days of the general rounds. Each panel of arbitrators will hear 2 moots over the course of the session and the session will take about 3.5 hours. Please note that the IMLAM Moot is not in a position to contribute to the travel or accommodation expenses of arbitrators.

If you are able to assist, please let us know the dates that best suit you by completing the fields below.

I am willing to assist by acting as an arbitrator in the 2020 International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot in Singapore.

Please follow us on twitter to watch the news as the competition progresses: @IMLAMMurdoch, #IMLAM2020.