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Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute (APIPLI)

Welcome to Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute ("APIPLI"). APIPLI has been active in intellectual property research and education in Asia-Pacific since 1995.

APIPLI is committed to the promotion of intellectual property rights in the global marketplace. I believe that this objective is best achieved by a combination of advocacy and education. It is for this reason that, in the last two years, APIPLI has expanded into the area of professional education and skills development. The original advisory and research functions of the Institute have also been strengthened. This division of expertise and resources will best achieve the Institute’s objectives.
The functions of APIPLI now fall into broad three categories:


APIPLI hosts conferences and seminars on a wide range of IP-related topics, and is a provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) services to the Legal Profession. Full details of past and future events are listed here.


APIPLI participates in IP lawmaking and dispute resolution by the provision of opinions, position papers and amicus curae briefs. These advisory services are available to the public and private sectors. Further details of APIPLI Advice services are available here. 


 APIPLI revises its research focus annually. By its distinguished research Fellows and Associates the Institute publishes papers and reports on matters of current concern to IP stakeholders.