Professional Experience

Professional Experience assists Pre-service teachers to critically and creatively apply content knowledge, skills development and moral understandings to a real context. Professional Experience provides links with theoretical components undertaken by Pre-service Teachers in their on-campus learning and encourages the use of on-going reflective practices to assist their understanding of the continuous nature of professional learning.

The School of Education believes that the preparation of Pre-service Teachers to become effective teachers is a collaborative exercise between Pre-service Teachers, Mentor Teachers, schools and Murdoch University.


Please upload a copy of your NPHC and WWCC via the 'Documents' link on SONIA

For Pre-service teachers

Prior to placement in any school for Professional Experience, Pre-service teachers are required to complete and submit copies of students' National Police History Check and a Working with Children Clearance.

Formal compliances with Murdoch University policies related to Professional Behaviours in the Workplace and Code of Ethics will be required in the near future. Pre-service teachers will be advised of procedures for compliance via email.