Professional Experience

All Pre-Service Teachers (PSTs) at Murdoch undertake Professional Experience in a school context. The main school placement involves two units known as PIP (Professional Internship Preparation) followed by PI (Professional Internship). PIP and PI involves a 3 week placement followed by a 7 week placement in the last two final semesters of the Bachelor of Education or Diploma of Education program. For more information click here

Other placement units are spread throughout the academic year, and are offered either on a 'block' (full-time) or 'distributed' (part-time) basis.

Please see calendars below for specific dates of 2015 placement offerings:

Professional Experience assists Pre-Service Teachers to critically and creatively apply content knowledge, skills development and moral understandings to a real context. Professional Experience provides links with theoretical components undertaken by Pre-service Teachers in their on-campus learning and encourages the use of on-going reflective practices to assist their understanding of the continuous nature of professional learning.The preparation of Pre-Service Teachers to become effective teachers is a collaborative exercise between Pre-Service Teachers, Mentor Teachers, Partnerships Schools and Murdoch University's School of Education.

NOTE FOR EXTERNAL STUDENTS: The Student Village located on campus at Murdoch may have available rooms for short stay external students. This could be useful for those students attending the intensive teaching period and the Perth-based school placement. Please click here for more information.

Student Requirements

Prior to placement in any school for professional experience, Pre-Service Teachers are required to complete and submit copies of students' National Police History Check (from the Education Department NOT the Police Station) and a Working with Children Clearance.  Please upload a copy of your NPHC and WWCC via the 'Documents' link on SONIA - Online Student Placement Management System

Please see links below for more information a bout the required FORMS:


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Assessment of a student’s performance in the Professional Internship (PIP & PI) is based on the following:

  • Final school-based component 60%
  • On-Campus component 40%

Assessment of Pre-service Teachers for the school-based component has been based on the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Framework for Teachers. This framework describes the principles that underpin effective teaching and learning and the role of the teacher and categorises these into five core ‘dimensions’. It is recommended that early in the Professional Internship, Mentor Teachers ensure that Pre-service Teachers are aware of these criteria and encourage Pre-service teachers to seize opportunities to demonstrate these competencies. For more information, click here

At times whilst completing their Professional Internship, Pre-service Teachers may also have assignments due for units they are studying on campus (On-Campus component). These assignments are related to the Professional Internship. For example, Pre-service Teachers may be required to gather resources such as policy documents or assessment strategies; they may have to analyse the nature of school/community links; or they may need to write their reflections of ‘critical incidents’. These assignments are considered to be an important part of professional learning and Pre-service Teachers should not regard these as additional to the ‘real work’ of classroom teaching. These assignments have been designed to assist Pre-service Teachers better understand and appreciate the symbiosis between the practical and theoretical aspects of teaching.