Working with Children Clearance

All students engaged in school practical placements are required to provide a Working With Children Check (WWCC) from the WA Department of Child Protection and Family Support before undertaking any school experience in a Western Australian school. Students must be able to show their WWCC card (or receipt) at anytime during a School Experience in a WA school. It is recommended that you start the application for the WWCC at least 3 months prior to enrolling in a school experience unit.

**NOTE: First year education students (both undergrad B.Ed and postgrad M.Teach / Grad Dip Sec) -  you will need to email your WWCC clearance to OR present hard copies of clearances to the Education Reception (Education & Humanities building). Due to the wait period after paying for and lodging your WWCC, it is advised that you also scan and email a copy of your receipt (from the Post Office) to

Working With Children clearances are valid for 3 years. You will need to renew your WWCC if you are a 4 year Bachelor of Education student - see below for more info.

Process for RENEWING a Working With Children Check

NOTE: If you are a 4 year Bachelor of Education student, you will need to renew your WWC Card, and providing your information is current you will receive an email reminder from the issuing authority 3 months before your WWC Card expires. The renewal process can be done online OR in-person at an Australian Post Office. Click here for more information about WWC Card renewal process. You should re-apply at least one month before your WWC card expires. A copy (scan or photo) of the card (or receipt) must then be uploaded onto Murdoch's online Student Placement System (called SONIA). To complete the inline renewal form, you will need to provide details of an "authorised representative" from Murdoch University - School of Education, as follows:

Name: Annette Jessett
Position: Admin Officer
Phone:9360 2074
Street & Postal address: 90 South Street, Murdoch, WA, 6150.

Process for OBTAINING a Working With Children Check

  1. Collect ‘Application for a Working With Children Check from any Australia Post Office or from Education Reception.
  2. The application form must be signed by a Professional Experience office staff member OR a Murdoch Education student advisor OR by Murdoch Student Centre. Please either call in to the Professional Experience office (Education & Humanities building) OR at the Student Centre (located at Bush Court) with the completed form OR mail it in with a stamped self addressed envelope for signing and return. (Professional Experience office, School of Education, Murdoch University, 90 South Street, MURDOCH WA 6150)
  3. Submit the completed form in person to any WA Post Office, together with relevant identification documents (100 points of ID required – see list on the application form). Australia Post personnel will take the student’s photo.
  4. Pay required fee ($11 for ‘unpaid position’)
  5. Receipt issued by Australia Post. Students should keep this receipt until they receive their card. If their school experience is due to start before they receive their card, this receipt must be used as evidence that they have applied for this mandatory check.
  6. Department of Child Protection and Family Support will issue applicant with a clearance card.

NOTE: When you lodge your Application for a WWC Check form you must present 100 points of Identification documents. All documents must be original and current, and are to include photographic identification. If you don’t have any photographic identification, you can provide a recent photograph of yourself that has been signed on the back by an authorised witness.

Advice regarding completion of WWCC application form:

  • Most of the form is self-explanatory, especially if the information sheet is read and understood prior to completing the application form.
  • Please use the following responses:
    • Insert a cross next to ‘volunteer/unpaid position’
    • Category – 03 (for an educational institution for children)
    • Organisation’s Name – Murdoch University
    • Applicant’s job ’s title/ role in Child-related work – insert ‘Pre-service Teacher’
    • Organisation’s Phone number – 08 9360 7477
    • Details of Employer/Agency representative – Details as provided by the Professional Experience Office or Student Centre.
    • Position of Employer/Agency representative – Details as provided by the Professional Experience Office or Student Centre.
    • Street Address – 90 South Street, Murdoch WA 6150.
    • Postal address – cross box for 'Same address above'
    • Declaration - Signature of Employer/Agency representative is the person in the Professional Experience Office or Student Centre whose name appears in the previous section. Student signs the declaration in Part 8.

See the WA Department of Child Protection and Family Support website on the Working With Children Check for further information, or contact them on 1800 883 979.