Tribes TLC® Basic Course Certification – 4 days – Jan 16th to 19th - 9am to 4pm

TRIBES logo.pngThis course is a 24-hour hands-on training experience  that equips educators (primary / secondary / vocational training)  to establish and maintain emotionally safe and highly collaborative learning environments for their students. Participants experience over 40 learning strategies and evaluate how to apply them to specific classroom situations. On successful completion participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and international registration with Centre Source Systems – the home of Tribes. NOTE: In order to obtain full Tribes Basic Course Completion Certification and receive international registration with Tribes TLC in the USA, it is essential that you attend all the required hours.


Tribes TLC® is a research-based cooperative learning program, based on the belief that creating a caring culture and emotionally safe learning community in the classroom and throughout a school is an effective way to improve engagement, behaviour, and learning. The Tribes learning program was developed in the late 1970’s by US educator Dr Jeanne Gibbs who was looking for ways to help prevent student behavioural problems, improve academic engagement and performance, and stem the growing number of stressed teachers leaving the profession. Hundreds of schools throughout Australia and thousands more around the world have become Tribes Learning Communities (TLC®), committed to creating safe and caring environments in which students can succeed.

About the presenter / facilitator

The course at Murdoch Summer School will be facilitated by Tribes Registered District Trainer Dr Rebecca (Becky) Saunders. Becky is academic chair of Master of Education (Coursework) and also of Tertiary and Adult Education at Murdoch School of Education, and has been a consultant to schools, TAFE colleges and government departments. She  has been a registered Tribes TLC® District Trainer for 10 years, working with Tribes in primary, secondary and tertiary settings and is licensed to teach the Tribes Basic Course, Middle School Tribes, High School Tribes and University courses, along with the Artistry for Learning Course, the After School Course and the Parent Program. Murdoch University is the only university in Australia to be offering Tribes as both an undergraduate and postgraduate unit.

Contact: Dr Becky Saunders,


Cost: $690.00 (includes a participant file, research articles and journal, certificate upon successful completion and morning tea each day). Click here for online payment.
Places are limited, but more courses may be held in future. Please register your interest in future courses here.

Resource Requirement: All participants are required to purchase their own copy of the Tribes book Reaching All By Creating Tribes Learning Communities by Jeanne Gibbs (published by Centre Source Systems, 2006) before starting the course. The book can be purchased from ACER online.


  • Postgraduate students will also be attending this course, as it forms part of the unit EDN515 Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills and Research, offered as part of the Master of Education Coursework. Murdoch students to enrol via MyUnits.
  • Undergraduate students will also be attending this course, as it forms part of the unit EDN321 Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills, as offered as part of the Bachelor of Education. Murdoch students to enrol via MyUnits.
  • Optional choice for teachers to submit assessments, so that advanced standing can be granted towards the Masters of Education (Coursework) – normal unit fees will apply (see info below).

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(Murdoch students to enrol via MyUnits)

Enrolment Options

1. Professional Development

This means you don’t do the assessment and cannot claim credit for this unit should you study at Murdoch in the future.

2. Professional Development Course with Advanced Standing (towards the Master of Education coursework)

Complete all assessments of the unit  (extra fees may apply).

This means that if you choose to study at Murdoch University at a later time (for the Masters of Education), the unit can be accredited to your academic record and you will receive advanced standing, as this unit forms part of the Master of Education (Coursework) structure, details of which can be found here

3. Enrol as a Murdoch student currently in an undergraduate OR postgraduate course

Undergraduate students can enrol in : EDN321 Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills

Postgraduate students can enrol in : EDN515 Tribes TLC Training and Cooperative Learning Skills and Research,

The usual Unit Fee Pay arrangements apply.

4. Enrol as a Cross Institutional student

Students should arrange this through their home institution to ensure they receive credit for this unit on their transcript.