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The Great Circle - Journal of the Australian Maritime History Association

The Great Circle symbolises the significance of Australia's maritime links with overseas and indicates the aim of the association to promote the development of Maritime History. Figuratively, THE GREAT CIRCLE expresses also its second objective: to encompass all individuals and groups interested in whatever aspect of Maritime History, both in Australia and abroad.

Interactive Media E-Journal of the National Academy of Screen & Sound

IM: Interactive Media is a refereed interdisciplinary electronic journal administered by the National Academy of Screen and Sound (Australia) and conceived as an interactive forum for researchers in screen and screen production.

IM ’s founding theme is that, as viewing subjects, we always act as an interactive medium, as much as we are a perceiving , inscribing, recording, transforming, transmuting and a transmitting medium. The fact that the image and the eye are in place and interacting from the earliest point of human development and before words, provides the starting point for this journal.