School of Arts

Combined Arts Degrees

A combined degree is a 5 year program that allows students to gain a professionally accredited qualification such as Law or Secondary Education with an Arts degree.

Arts and Law

Combining a Law degree with Arts develops a student’s ability to explore and understand the various contexts in which the law operates. The combination of Law and Arts may be particularly advantageous to those looking to enhance their employment options in areas such as entertainment law, intellectual property law, commercial law, international relations, human rights, and advocacy.

Arts and Secondary Education

Studying an Arts degree in combination with Secondary Education gives students the unique opportunity to extend their expertise within one of the following learning areas relevant to secondary education: Drama, English, History, Languages other than English (LOTE): Japanese, and/or Languages other than English (LOTE): Indonesian. This degree is particularly recommended for those looking to gain an additional qualification that will allow them to stand out within the competitive education job market.