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PhD students

Student Status Supervisor Title
Sutton, Alicia 2012- 2016 L.Beckley, Dr Patti Virtue The ecology and biogeography of krill in the Indian Ocean
Tonge, Joanna 2009-2013 S.Moore, L.Beckley & M.Ryan (ECU) The influence of place attachment on the management of marine parks and their hinterlands: Ningaloo as a case study
Roberts, Rebecca 2007 - 2012 L. Beckley & M. Tull Economic strategies for disaster-risk reduction in coastal areas: a case study of Exmouth Gulf
Smallwood, Claire
2006 - 2009
L. Beckley & S. Moore Spatial patterns of human usage in Ningaloo Marine Park
Holliday, David 2006 - 2009 L. Beckley & M. Feng (CSIRO) Leeuwin current eddies and larval fish ecology
Harvey, Matt 2005 - 2009 L. Beckley & H. Kobryn Development of techniques to classify marine benthic habitats using hyperspectral imagery in oligotrophic, temperate waters
Muhling, Barbara 2003-2006 L. Beckley & A. Koslow (CSIRO) Ichthyoplankton assemblage structure in coastal and shelf waters off Western Australia
Abstract (pdf 72kb)

MSc students

Student Status Supervisor Title
Chris Nutt 2017-2018 L.Beckley Lyngbya in Roebuck Bay
Erin McCosker 2016 L.Beckley Comparison of IMOS national reference stations in WA
Cole Du Plessis 2015 L.Beckley Cumulative visitation and activities of expedition cruise vessels along the Kimberley coast, WA.
Johnson, Chris 2012-2013 L.Beckley & H.Kobryn Modern and historical data identify sperm whale(Physeter macrocephalus) habitat offshore of south-western Australia
Caroll, Tanya 2012-2013 H.Kobryn & L.Beckley Coastal sediments at Ningaloo relative to turtle nesting sites
Gibbons, Daniel 2012 L,Beckley & H.Kobryn Spatial distribution of coastal access tracks in the remote west Kimberley
Wee Huat, Simon 2009 H.Kobryn & L.Beckley Extent and density of roads and tracks along the Ningaloo coastline, North West Australia
Davies, Claire 2006 L. Beckley Macro zooplankton around Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
Abstract (pdf 68kb)
Neiman, Jodie 2007 L.Beckley Diurnal variability in human use patterns at three beaches in the Ningaloo Marine Park, WA
Jones, Christopher  2006
L. Beckley & A. Hesp
Growth rates of larval sardines in oligotrophic Western Australian waters
Abstract (pdf 132kb)
Carter, Raquel 2005 L. Beckley Evaluation of turtle monitoring at Ningaloo Abstract (pdf 108kb)
Smith, Rochelle 2003
 L. Beckley
Naturally occurring radioactive material in the offshore oil and gas industry – recommendations for management in Western Australia
Abstract (pdf 104kb)
James, Nicola 2002 L. Beckley & B.Mann (ORI) Status of the estuarine dependent sparid Acanthropagrus berda in KwaZulu-Natal,South Africa

Honours students

Student Status Supervisor Title
Daniel Cohen 2018 L.Beckley Meso-pelagic fishes of the Perth Canyon
Danielle Hodgkinson 2017 L.Beckley and P. Coulson Age and growth of flounder Psuedorhombus jenynsii
Nicholas Mondello 2017 L.Beckley and M. Feng (CSIRO) Oceanography of the south coast of WA
Max Wellington 2015 L.Beckley Neustonic biota and seabird diets
Harriet Davies 2014-15 L.Beckley & H.Kobryn Systematic conservation planning and climate change resilience at Ningaloo Reef
Buchanan, Pearse 2013 L.Beckley Chaetognaths of the Leeuwin Current system
Davis,Ben 2011 L.Beckley & H.Kobryn The influence of marine benthic habitat data on systematic conservation planning: Rottnest Island as a case study
Sutton, Alicia 2010 L. Beckley & D. Holliday Horizontal and vertical distribution of krill associated with a Leeuwin Current eddy
Breheny, Nicholas 2009 L. Beckley & C. Wakefield (WA Fisheries) Larval fish assemblages associated with pink snapper (Pagrus auratus) spawning aggregations in embayments on the lower west coast of Australia
Miller, Natalie 2009 L. Beckley Larval fish assemblages in the Leeuwin current system, Western Australia
McDonald, Aaron 2007 L. Beckley & H. Kobryn Marine benthic habitat mapping at Rottnest island: Implications of sampling scale when linking field ecology and remote sensing
Prior, Sheryn 2005 L. Beckley Assessment of recreational fishing and boating in the Blackwood estuary. Abstract (pdf 68kb)
Chisholm, Warren 2004 L. Beckley Spatial and temporal distribution of Pomatomus saltatrix larvae off Western Australia. Abstract (pdf 76kb)
Harvey, Matt 2004 L. Beckley Evaluation of recreational angling regulations in Western Australia  Abstract (pdf 36kb)
Blackweir, Dermot 2004 L. Beckley & R. McAuley (WA Fisheries) Assessment of aerial shark surveillance over Perth metropolitan coastal waters. Abstract (pdf 100kb)
Bielawski, Natasha 2003 L. Beckley Colonisation of artificial reefs at Geraldton by western rock lobsters (Panulirus cygnus). Abstract (pdf 124kb)
Fox, Nicola 2003 L. Beckley Selection of priority areas for conservation of coastal fishes in Western Australia. Abstract (pdf 80kb)
Murray, Kathy 2003 L. Beckley & H. Kobryn

Investigation of intertidal rock platforms on Rottnest Island.Abstract (pdf 120kb)

Smallwood, Claire 2003 L. Beckley Shore-based recreational angling creel survey and boating activity assessment at Rottnest Island, WA Abstract (pdf 72kb)

Environmental Science Diploma Projects

Student Status Supervisor Title
Schonberg, Aaron 2005 L.Beckley Resource assessment of the Buccaneer archipelago in the Kimberley Abstract (pdf 432kb)

4th Year Environmental Science Projects

Student Status Supervisor Title
Hoefler, Hannes & Dry, Brendon 2003 L. Beckley Resource assessment of the Walpole-Nornalup estuary, a candidate marine protected area.
Abstract (pdf 176kb)
Hoefler, Hannes & Dry, Brendon 2003 L. Beckley Resource assessment of the Walpole-Nornalup estuary, a candidate marine protected area.
Abstract (pdf 176kb)
Hopley, Brett 2003 L. Beckley Evaluation of tropical fisheries management within Australian waters.
Abstract (pdf 60kb)