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Our Leadership Team

Three of the Centre's foundation members share the responsibilities of managing the CRCS.

Megan.jpgDr Megan Paull

Megan Paull Profile

My research interests are in the areas of Volunteering and Nonprofit organisations; Bullying and Organisational Behaviour, and Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. I am a co-founder, leader and researcher in the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability in the School of Business and Governance, which was established in October 2014.

Dr Rochelle Spencer

Rochelle Spencer Profile

Rochelle 2.jpg

I’m a development anthropologist with a particular interest in capacity building. My research deals broadly with the various impacts of development, raising questions about identity, agency, and the ability to either maximise or resist development assistance. I critically question concepts of participation, empowerment, capacity building, endogenous development and what it is to do development. This contributes to our knowledge on assumptions about inequality, poverty, development, rights, gender and moral responsibility by exploring their importance for social change in an era of globalization.

Dr Martin Brueckner


Martin Brueckner Profile

I am an educator and researcher in the sustainability field and worked over the last fourteen years across different disciplines and universities with a focus on sustainability with a social and natural justice lens. I am interested in the politics and political economy of sustainable development, sustainable communities and regional sustainability, and my research is focused on areas such as environmental politics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

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  • Jessie Smart
  • Naser Al Ziyadat
  • Alka Sabharwal

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