Dr Dean Aszkielowicz
Specialisation: Australian and transnational history, with a particular focus on Australia's Asian context, and Australian relations with Japan

Dr Jacqui Baker
Specialisation: Democratization, political sociology, Indonesian politics

Associate Professor Mick Broderick
Specialisation: National cinemas/media industries, government and institutional global media policy, interactive media technologies, nuclearism and apocalypse as a cultural phenomenon, film history, film genre, non-fiction and documentary forms, gender and masculinity

Dr Joseph Christensen
Specialisation: Maritime history, Environmental history

Dr Yingchi Chu
Specialisation: Chinese media, Chinese diaspora

Dr Oliver Fritsch
Specialisation: Public policy, regulation, regulatory impact assessment and policy appraisal, policy implementation, environmental policy and politics, water governance, public participation in public policy making, regulatory oversight

Dr Rajat Ganguly
Specialisation: Insurgency movements and counterinsurgency, Ethnic secession, Approaches to conflict management

Dr Rahul Gairola
Specialisation: South Asian digital humanities; postcolonial, migration, and diaspora studies; South Asian literature, film, and culture; critical theory; and comparative literature

Professor Helena Grehan
Specialisation: Politics, ethics and globalisation in contemporary art practice

Dr Yvonne Haigh
Specialisation: Corruption in the public sector, codes of ethics, public policy implementation and public sector administration

Emeritus Professor David Hill
Specialisation: Indonesia

Associate Professor Jane Hutchison
Specialisation: Political economy of development effectiveness; gender and development; poor people’s politics

Professor Rikki Kersten
Specialisation: Japanese politics, history and foreign policy, and Northeast Asian security

Associate Professor Terence Lee
Specialisation: New media and cultural politics in Singapore

Professor Neil Loneragan
Specialisation: Marine food webs, interactions between fisheries and species of conservation significance in Australia and Southeast Asia

Dr. Greg Lopez
Specialisation: Public policy and economic reforms in Malaysia

Professor Sam Makinda
Specialisation: Global security and terrorism, International relations , Global governance and globalisation

Dr Victoria Mason
Specialisation: Human rights, peace and conflict studies, critical security studies, and the politics of international law

Professor Vijay Mishra
Specialisation: English Gothic Literature and literary history, Bibliography and textual criticism, Literary theory, Australian and Postcolonial Literature, Diaspora Theory, Multiculturalism, Sanskrit and Medieval Indian Literatures, Bollywood Cinema

Dr Kim Moloney
Specialisation: Transnational and comparative development administration, administrative life of international organizations, stakeholder analysis, international civil servant motivations, and intellectual history of public administration

Dr Takeshi Moriyama
Specialisation: Early modern Japanese history and literature

Emeritus Professor Richard Robison
Specialisation: Political and economic change in Indonesia; political economy; comparative political Islam; the politics of governance

Emeritus Professor Ian Scott
Specialisation: Politics and public administration in Hong Kong

Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan
Specialisation: Modern Southeast Asian history, especially Thailand; social and intellectual change; democracy 

Dr Ranald Taylor
Specialisation:Malaysia and economic growth

Professor Malcolm Tull
Specialisation: Maritime Studies

Associate Professor Peter Waring
Specialisation: Employment relations, human resource management, corporate governance and labour law

Associate Professor Carol Warren
Specialisation: Environment and rural development policy in Southeast Asia

Emeritus Professor James Warren
Specialisation: Southeast Asian social and economic history; Singapore Chinese working class history and society;Slavery and unfree labour in Southeast Asia; Climate, history and society in the Philippines

Dr Ian Wilson
Specialisation: Indonesian politics, urban sociology, organized crime in Southeast Asia

Professor Sandra Wilson
Specialisation: Modern Japanese history

Professor Xiaowen Tian
Specialisation: Managerial decision-making, firm innovation and capability development, sustainable business and emerging-market multinational enterprises

Visiting Fellows