• Associate Professor Greg Acciaioli
    Specialisation: Development and Underdevelopment, Language, Culture and Society, Asia-Pacific, Esp. Archipelagic Southeast Asia And Australia
  • Dr Jo Marie Acebes
    Specialisation: Marine Environmental History
  • Dr Sidney Adams
    Specialisation: Southern Bluefin Tuna Fisheries
  • Dr Jay Ram Adhikari
    Specialisation: Political conflict and environmental security, biodiversity,climate change adaptation, sustainable land management, ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Azad Singh Bali
    Specialisation: Health policy, comparative social policy, and public financial management
  • Professor Mark Beeson
    Specialisation: Regionalism, International Relations, East Asia, Australia, the US and China
  • Dr Janet Borland
    Specialisation: Modern Japanese History
  • Associate Professor David Bourchier
    Specialisation: Contemporary Indonesian politics and society
  • Professor Shaun Breslin
    Specialisation: Contemporary China
  • Dr Carolyn Brewer
    Specialisation: Religion and Gender
  • Dr Andrew Brown
    Specialisation: Labour - Thailand
  • Dr Toby Carroll
    Specialisation: Political economy, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, poverty reduction, social capital, governance and the trajectories of neoliberalism
  • Dr Ian Chalmers
    Specialisation: State-Society Relations in S.E. Asia
  • Dr Chen, Ta-Yuan (Henry)
    Specialisation: Politics and maritime history of Taiwan, classical Chinese literature
  • Professor Kenneth Chern
    Specialisation: East Asian and Pacific Affairs
  • Professor Chua Beng Huat
    Specialisation: Singapore - Ideology
  • Professor James Cotton
    Specialisation: Politics of the Koreas, East Timor, Australian foreign policy and regional organisation
  • Dr Cherian George
    Specialisation: Media and Communication in Singapore
  • Dr Kelly Gerard
    Specialisation: Political economy of East and Southeast Asia; ASEAN; social movements
  • Dr Kay Gillis
    Specialisation: History and Politics of Singapore
  • Professor Vedi Hadiz
    Specialisation: Political sociology and political economy of Indonesia and Southeast Asia
  • Associate Professor Shahar Hameiri
    Specialisation: State building interventions; Politics of risk management in the Asia-Pacific
  • Professor Kevin Hewison
    Specialisation: Political economy of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand; labour and precarious work; violence and politics
  • Dr Kazuhiro Harada
    Specialisation: Forestry Policy, Management of National Parks in Indonesia
  • Professor Philip Hirsch
    Specialisation: Environment and Resource Management in S.E. Asia 
  • Professor Caroline Hughes
    Specialisation: Governance, Aid and Development in Post-Conflict South East Asia
  • Professor Beverley Hooper
    Specialisation: Contemporary Chinese Society
  • Professor Wil Hout
    Specialisation: International political economy, development and governance
  • Dr Hee Jhee Jiow
    Specialisation: Parental Mediation and Regulation of Cybercrime in Singapore
  • Professor Gavin Jones
    Specialisaton: Population and development, educational planning and urban planning
  • Dr Lee Jones
    Specialisation: Politics, international relations, security and governance in Southeast Asia
  • Dr Khoo Boo Teik
    Specialisation: Malaysia
  • Dr Carolin (Line) Liss
    Specialisation: Security in Southeast Asia 
  • Dr Susan Leong
    Specialisation: Internet in Malaysia, Singapore and China, new media and migration
  • Professor Andrew MacIntyre
    Specialisation: International Political Economy and Indonesia
  • Dr John McCarthy
    Specialisation: Local Governance and Environmental Policy in Indonesia
  • Professor Peter McKiernan
    Specialisation: Organisational performance, scenario planning and strategic foresight and productivity and innovation
  • Narrelle Morris
    Specialisation: Western images of Japan; 'Japan-bashing'; Australia's post-World War II war crimes trials of the Japanese
  • Associate Professor Zaharom Nain
    Specialisation: Political economy of communication and cultural studies
  • Dr Helen E S Nesadurai
    Specialisation: Politics of Globalization and its Governance
  • Dr Tun Kyaw Nyein
    Specialisation: Myanmar Politics and Society
  • Professor Michael Pinches
    Specialisation: Philippines
  • Dr Susanne Prager-Nyein
    Specialisation: Myanmar Politics and Society
  • Dr. Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
    Specialisation: Development studies; democracy and democratisation; conflict and peace studies; political corruption; political and social movements; Southeast Asian politics
  • Dr Andrew Rosser
    Specialisation: Development Issues in Southeast Asia
  • Dr Sally Sargeson
    Specialisation:Analyses of the 'local state', property rights, labour relations, and gender, policy and political economy in contemporary China.
  • Dr Fabio Scarpello
    Specialisation: Security-development nexus, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific
  • Dr Kathleen Schwerdtner Manez
    Specialisation: Interaction between ecological and social systems in coastal and marine areas
  • Professor Krishna Sen
    Specialisation: Indonesia - Media
  • Dr Stephen Sherlock
    Specialisation: labour and social and political change in South and Southeast Asia
  • Dr Dirk Steenbergen
    Specialisation: Conservation and Development
  • Dr Kurt Stenross
    Specialisation: Perahu shipping and maritime communities in Indonesia
  • Dr Tsukasa Takamine
    Specialisation: Japanese foreign and security policy, Japanese politics, Sino-Japanese Relations, political economy of the Asia Pacific
  • Dr Miyume Tanji
    Specialisation: Okinawa
  • Dr Jeannette Taylor
    Specialisation: Public Sector Management and Public Policy
  • Dr Donna Turner
    Specialisation: State-labour relations in Asia and Australia
  • Dr Silke Trommer
    Specialisation: International Political Economy, Trade Politics, West Africa, Social Movements, International Law Malaysia and Economic Growth
  • Dr. Ross Worthington
    Specialisation: Governance in East Asia
  • Professor Tim Wright
    Specialisation: The Chinese Coal Industry