• Jely Galang: Vagrants and Outcasts: Chinese Labourers and Dangerous Classes in the Philippines, 1839-1898
  • Chu Minh Thao: WTO's Coalition: Case Study of Vietnam


  • Sait Abdulah: Post Conflict Reconstruction: Elites, Welfare and Women Ex-combatants in Aceh Region, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Al Fadhat: The Rise of Internationalized Capital: ASEAN Economic Governance and Indonesian Conglomerates
  • Rendro Dhani: Political Public Relations in Indonesia During the Yudhoyono Presidency 2004-2014
  • Melissa Johnston: The 'local turn' in International Development: Implications for Women and Resource Distribution in Timor-Leste and West Timor
  • Jasmine Kaur: Evaluating Port Reform in Indonesia using the Matching Framework: A case study of the ports of Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Emas


  • Nicole Andres: Media-elite Interactions in Post-Suharto Indonesia
  • Patricia Dacudao: Davao: America's Last Western Frontier?
  • Diswandi Diswandi: Sustainable Community Forestry Management in Lombok, Indonesia
  • Asep Iqbal: Islamic Cyberactivism: Internet and the Salafi Movement in Indonesia
  • Vanessa Jaiteh: Predators as livelihoods: Options and Obstacles for Shark Management in Eastern Indonesia
  • Ma. Theresa R. Milallos: The Political Ecology of Disaster and the Problematique of Social Transformation: The case of the 1991 Ormoc tragedy in the Philippines
  • Charlotte Minh Ha Pham: Boat Building Traditions in the Maritime Landscape of Central Vietnam, 17th -19th century
  • Muningar Saraswati: Social Network Sites and Election Campaigns in Contemporary Indonesia
  • Agung Wardana: Law, Space and Development: Contested Space and Governance in Contemporary Bali


  • Airlangga Pribadi Kusman : Local Power and Good Governance in Post Authoritarian Indonesia: The Case of Surabaya


  • Vivianti Rambe: Reinventing the Keys to a Sustainable Rural Development: Diversity and Complexity in Mainstreaming Natural Resources Management within Community Driven Development Programs in Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Fabio Scarpello: Politics, Power, Resources and the Political Economy of Plural Policing


  • Stephanie ChokLabour Justice and Political Responsibility: An Ethics-Centred Approach to Temporary Low-Paid Labour Migration in Singapore 
  • Jo Marie Acebes: A Marine Environmental History of a Contested Fishery in the Bohol Sea


  • Charan Bal: The Politics of Obedience: Bangladeshi Construction Workers and the Migrant Labour Regime in Singapore
  • Luky Djani: Reform Movement and Local Politics in Indonesia 
  • Inaya RakhmaniRedifining the Markers of Islamic Representations in Indonesian Television
  • Dirk Steenbergen: Local Goveranance and Participation in Indoneisan Marine Protected Areas: Examing Systems Resilience, Complexity and Social Capital  


  • Katie Attwell: No Way Out: How Israeli Jewish dissidents attempt to use alternative national identity discourses to connect with their palestinian Other


  • Jay Ram Adhikari: Political conflicts, environmental security and rural livelihood linkages in Nepal
  • Teng-Phee Tan: A Social History of New Villages in Post-war Malaya/Malaysia
  • 2009

  • Shahar Hameiri: State Building or State Transformation? The Governance of Conflict at the Fringes of the Global Order
  • 2008

  • James Boyd: Faith, Race and Strategy: Japanese-Mongolian Relations, 1873-1945
  • Carolin Liss: Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh, 1992-2006:A Prismatic Interpretation of Security
  • Kah Seng Loh: The 1961 Kampong Bukit Ho Swee Fire and the Making of Modern Singapore
  • 2007

  • Toby Carroll: The Politics of the World BankÕs Socio-institutional Neoliberalism
  • Kurt Stenross:The culture and economy of the maritime transport communities of the island of Madura, Indonesia
  • Donna Turner: Shaping Labour in Malaysia's Shift to the Knowledge Economy
  • 2006

  • Kathleen Turner: Identity and the State: A Study of Communal Conflict in Ambon, Indonesia
  • Henry Chen: Taiwanese Offshore (Distant Water) Fisheries in Southeast Asia, 1936 - 1977
  • Narrelle Morris: Destructive Discourse: ÒJapan-bashingÓ in the United States, Australia and Japan in the 1980s and 1990s
  • 2005

  • Jane Hutchison: Export Opportunities: Women Workers Organising in the Philippine Garments Industry
  • Lee Jae-hyon: UMNO Factionalism and the Politics of Malaysian National Identity


  • Sidney Adams: Collective Action and a disappearing resource: the politics of the Southern bluefin tuna industry
  • Miyume Tanji: Three Waves of 'the Okinawa Struggle': Social Movements in the Post-War Community of Protest


  • Tsukasa Takamine: Japan's Post-1979 China Policy: Official Development Assistance and the Active Engagement Strategy


  • Kay Gillis: The Rise and Fall of Civil Society in Singapore
  • Andrew Brown: The Politics of Organising Labour in Thailand


  • Sheila Oakley: Labour Relations with Chinese Characteristics: The Development and Resolution of Labour Disputes in Post-Reform China
  • John McCarthy: Environmental Policy in Indonesia
  • Yasmin Sungkar : Industrial Policy: The Emergence and Survival of State Owned Heavy Industry in Indonesia


  • Yingchi Chu: Coloniser, Motherland and Self in Hong Kong Cinema
  • Andrew Rosser: Creating Markets: The Politics of Economic Liberalisation in Indonesia Since the Mid-1980s (supervised by R Robison)


  • Gaynor Dawson: Women and Work in an Indonesian Transmigration Settlement: Keeping the Rice in the Pot
  • Jian Zhang: Government and Market: A Case Study of the Political Economy of the Post-Mao Economic Development in Xihu District, China.
  • Mark Cloney: Australia's Economic Integration with Asia: Government Policy 1983-1996 (MPhil)


  • David Widihandoyo: The Making of a Precarious Bourgeoisie: State and the Transformation of Domestic Bourgeoisie in Indonesia


  • You-il Lee: Korean Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Asia in the Late Twentieth Century


  • Mark Beeson: Neoliberalism and Australia's Economic Relationship with Japan: Policy Paradigms in a Global Political Economy (supervised by G Rodan)
  • Sally Sargeson: Class Matters: An Ethnography of Class, Work and Identity Construction Among Non-tenured Workers in a Hangzhou Suburb (supervised by T Wright)
  • Vedi Hadiz: Contradictions of Corporatism: Workers and the State in New Order Indonesia (supervised by R Robison)


  • Des Alwi: Indonesia's New Economic Policies and Non-oil Export to the EC Beyond the 1990s (MPhil)